Portland Monthly was founded in 1985 by Colin and Nancy Sargent. The monthly magazine has won numerous awards for its design. Their web site’s “about us” page provides the following description:

“Portland Magazine celebrates the region’s native appeal with award-winning columns on the waterfront; profiles of the region’s business and people; and features on the area’s arts, getaways, maritime history, geography, and cuisine.”

Portland Public Library’s collection of Portland Monthly is complete, and begins with the first issue, October 1985. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2016

City Beat. King's Row, William David Barry

Out There. Extraordinary Maine, Loren Coleman and Jenny Coleman

An Epicurean's Guide to Planet Maine, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Eat, Drink, Restaurant Week, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere Here!, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Kitchen Collaboration, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Lobster With a Twist, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Oyster Empire, Claire Z. Cramer

Road Warrior. Redefining Getaways, Claire Z. Cramer

Wellness. Dancing Around the Fire, Claire Z. Cramer

Wellness. Fantastic Voyage, Claire Z. Cramer

Words. Highway Signs, Claire Z. Cramer

Landmark. Bridging the Kennebunks, Sharon Cummins

2016 Maine Festivals Guide, Jeanee Dudley, compiler

2016 Garden & Home Shows. It's Spring Somewhere, [Editorial staff writers]

Endangered Graffiti?, [Editorial staff writers]

Epic: Winderguide 2016, [Editorial staff writers]

Maine Classics. Maine in a Shoe-in Rio, [Editorial staff writers]

Maine Classics. Sea Change, [Editorial staff writers]

Maine Classics. Sinking Feeling, [Editorial staff writers]

Rail Simple, [Editorial staff writers]

Restaurant Review. Spirited Awakening, [Editorial Staff writers]

Local Color. Radio Heads, Olivia Gunn

Everyday Sommelier. Value Added, Ralph Hersom

Portland After Dark. Floating the Perfect Evening, Karen Hofreiter

Portland After Dark. Let's Dance, Karen Hofreiter

Portland After Dark. Literary Nights, Karen Hofreiter

Portland After Dark. Sweetheart Deals, Karen Hofreiter

Portland After Dark. To the Nines, Karen Hofreiter

Portland After Dark. Where's the Party?, Karen Hofreiter

Artist at Work. Grand Illusions, Diane Hudson

Artist at Work. Taking Flight, Diane Hudson

Artist at Work. Urbane Rattle, Diane Hudson

La Dolce Bayside, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. All Good in the Woodford 'Hood, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. Grilled to Perfection, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. Lake Pride, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. Weighing In, Diane Hudson

City Beat. Longfellow Serenade, Daniel Kany

Acadia: Writing Acadia, Personal Memoir, Christina Baker Kline

Acadia: Deconstructing Acadia, Christina Baker Kline, Sarah Moore, and Colin W. Sargent

Fiction. Sea Change, Karen L. Lessard

Fiction. The Thing Carol Saw, John Manderino

Isn't That. Shape Shifter, Sarah Moore

Metropole. Food Truck Confidential, Sarah Moore

Theater. Rustic Charm, Sarah Moore

Perspective. Eye in the Sky, Sarah Moore and Chris Trafford, photographer

Obsessions. Dream Islands, Jackie Murray and Sherwood Olin

L'Espirit de L'Escalier. April in Paris in Maine, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Espirit de L'Escalier, Dépayesment, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Espirit de L'Escalier. Journey Across the Language Bridge, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. En Valeur, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. Lucky Cob, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. Voilá, Rhea Côté Robbins

Acadia: Acadia Exclusive, Inclusive, Colin W. Sargent

Acadia: Savage Beauties, Colin W. Sargent

Acadia: Swept Away, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Beach Baby, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Even Stevens, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Fassett Jewel, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Payson Place, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Rockefeller Centered, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. The Twains in Maine, Colin W. Sargent

I Fooled Around and Fell in Love…With Maine, Colin W. Sargent

Isn't That … Two for the Ages, Colin W. Sargent

Obsessions. $10.9 Risk Mgmt., Colin W. Sargent

Obsessions. Flying Home: $4.3M, Colin W. Sargent

Obsessions. The Butterfly Hunter $1.15M, Colin W. Sargent

Downtown. What's New?, Michael Schoch

Vanishing Maine. The Last Picture Show?, Michael Schoch

Discovery. Hacking Maine, [Staff & Wire reports]

Acadia: Different Country, Different World, Campobello, Staff & Wire Reports

Acadia: Indiana's Indianas, Staff & Wire Reports

Acadia: Playground of the Rich and Famous, Staff & Wire Reports

Discovery. Dive In!, Staff & Wire Reports

Discovery. Journey without Maps, Staff & Wire Reports

Inside Story. "Oversexed, Overfed, Over here", Staff & Wire Reports

Obsessions. Dream Boats, Staff & Wire Reports

Waterfront. Shipping News, Staff & Wire Reports

Romance. Love Letter to Portland, The Crew of el Galeón

Out There. Castaway on Kent Island, Emily Weyrauch

Blue Skies & Red Claws, Jaime Wilson

Local Flavor. Conquering the Castle, Robert Witkowski

Submissions from 2015

Maine Painters, A Catalog, Bruce Brown; Andy Verzosa; Honour Mack; Becca Carifio, contributor; Molly Parent, contributor; and Zee Krstic, contributor

Star Quality, Becca Carifio

Books are Back, Claire Z. Cramer

Let's Meet for a Drink, Claire Z. Cramer

Lively Ferments, Claire Z. Cramer

Morning Glory, Claire Z. Cramer

Nouvelle Old Port, Claire Z. Cramer

Party, Party, Claire Z. Cramer

Portland After Dark. Night Galleries, Claire Z. Cramer

The 50-Foot Journey, Claire Z. Cramer

The shell game, Claire Z. Cramer

First Love, Dan Domench

Lost Dogs, Dan Domench

94 Festivals, Jeanee Dudley

Icicles & Bicycles, Jeanee Dudley

Isn’t that…Funny Guy, Jeanee Dudley

Portland After Dark. All Night Long, Jeanee Dudley