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Portland's Comprehensive Plan : City of Portland, Maine.

Compilation of Adopted Documents, Goals, and Policies.
Listed According to Growth Management Goals - State of Maine.

November 2002, Updated 2005.
Volume 1A

Portland Industry and Commerce Plan Recommendation of the Industry and Commerce Plan Advisory Committee. Final report.


I : Introduction

II : Community Vision

III : Portland's Goals and Policies
a) State Goal A - Encourage Orderly Growth
b) State Goal B - Accommodate Anticipated Growth
c) State Goal C - Promote Economic Development
d) State Goal D - Encourage Decent Housing
e) State Goal E - Protect Water Resources
f) State Goal F - Protect Critical Natural Resources
g) State Goal G - Protect Marine Resources
h) State Goal H - Safeguard Agricultural and Forest Resources
i) State Goal I - Preserve Historic and Archaeological Resources
j) State Goal J - Promote Outdoor Recreation

IV : Inventory and Analysis
a) Housing and Population
b) Economic Resources
c) Transportation Resources
d) Public Facilities and Services
e) Recreation Resources
f) Waterfront Resources
g) Natural Environment
h) Historic / Archaeological & Cultural
i) Existing Land Use
j) Fiscal Condition


I : Implementation Measures - Major Initiatives

II : Future Land Use Plan

III : Regional Coordination Program

IV : Capital Improvement Program

V : Appendix





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