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A collection of brief articles relating to education and the immigrant community. "The Challenging Educational Journey of Belyse Ndayikunda" details the difficulties faced by one immigrant woman in pursuit of an education in Maine. [Please note: this article and its translations are abstracted separately as "Education: The Challenging Educational Journey of Belyse Ndayikunda."] "Prudent Ndiho's Long Road to an Education" is a mini essay by Ndiho describing some differences between education in his native Burundi and in the United States and how he has struggled with both. "Axels Samuntu Reflects on his Life in Maine" describes the educational journey at Portland Adult Education of Samuntu, PAE's first representative on the Portland School Board. In "Firdaws Hakizimana on the Value of an Education," high-school student Hakizimana and others reflect on what education means to them. The remaining sections - "The Learning Commons of Southern Maine Community College," "Portland Adult Education Offers Programs for Immigrants," "CNA Class has Sept. 24 Start at Lewiston Adult Education," and "Catholic Charities and City of Portland Offer Orientation to Life in Maine" - briefly discuss specific educational opportunities.



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