"Cover Story" piece on the "rave" scene in Maine: all-night dance parties durin


Chris Busby


Casco Bay Weekly




10-13, 15, 1


"Cover Story" piece on the "rave" scene in Maine: all-night dance parties during which participants often overdose on drugs such as Ecstasy, ketamine, LSD and methamphetamine. According to Chris Faulhaber, director of New England Raves, an organization that provides ravers and promoters with information on raves in the region, it's impossible to put on an all-night party in the Portland area. Portland police chief Michael Chitwood has said he'll do all he can to stop one if he knows it's being planned. Unfortunately, the police crackdown has only served to drive the events underground. Rave enthusiasts now drive to Lewiston and to towns in suburban Boston, and promoters are designing craftier schemes to hold the events at secret locations that paramedics would be hard-pressed to find in an emergency. With special focus on Dawnpatrol, a business owned by Erin McNally and T. J. Lewis of Portland, and Rhythm Alliance of Massachusetts, which both host and promote raves.


Rave culture, Michael J Chitwood

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