"Cover Story" piece on a proposal by Department of Human Services (DHS) official


Casco Bay Weekly




10-11, 13, 1


"Cover Story" piece on a proposal by Department of Human Services (DHS) officials that would allow them to commit homeless teens involuntarily. And a half-million dollar no-bid contract with Youth Alternatives (YA) in Portland might move DHS closer to its controversial goal. The contract was authorized in a legislative bill that allowed DHS to create a pilot program to help helpless teens find shelter and counseling on a voluntary basis. YA and its subcontractor, Shaw House in Bangor, will draft a report that is expected to show few street kids will voluntarily participate in the project, called Youth in Need of Services, otherwise known as Children in Needs of Services (CHINS). Bob Rowe, of New Beginnings, said DHS will return to the Legislature next year asking for the ability to force uncooperative teens into treatment facilities. Rowe suspects the no-bid contract went to YA because of the agency's support for involuntary commitment.


Homeless, Maine -- Department of Human Services, Teenagers

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