"Cover Story" piece on Guilford Transportation Industries Inc., the Massachusett


Allen Dammann


Casco Bay Weekly




10-11, 13, 1


"Cover Story" piece on Guilford Transportation Industries Inc., the Massachusetts-based company that owns most of the rails linking Portland and Boston. The company, owned by banking millionaire Timothy Mellon and businessman David Fink Sr., has been negotiating with the Northern New England Rail Authority, which is representing Maine, and Amtrak for use of a section of their rail line to provide Amtrak service between Boston and Portland. In 1999, Guilford began restoring 78 miles of its track with $60 million of Maine taxpayers' money, in preparation for Amtrak. But after receiving the funds, Guilford claimed the rails would still be unsafe unless upgraded to heavier and more expensive rails. The company, which sources say grosses up to $150 million a year, was thought to be using the safety argument to acquire better, stronger rails for its freight service, at the expense of Maine taxpayers. Despite endless delays over the past decade, some remain optimistic that Boston-to-Portland Amtrak service will begin soon.


Guilford Transportation Industries, Railroads -- Passenger service

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