List of twelve good ideas, developed or refined by Mainers, which have been embr



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List of twelve good ideas, developed or refined by Mainers, which have been embraced beyond the state's borders. The ideas include: The temperance movement, spearheaded by Neal Dow; the concept of dam removal to reopen rivers to spawning fish; the earmuff, developed by Farmington inventor Chester Greenwood; shoreland zoning, which was strengthened by the state's 1988 Sand Dune Law; the Friendship sloop, the design of which evolved in the 1880s; The Maine Hunting Shoe, a.k.a. the Bean Boot, first stitched by Leon Leonwood Bean ninety years ago; Gov. Angus King's laptop program, now a model for other states; the Clean Air Act of 1970, authored by Senator Edmund S. Muskie; the bottle deposit law, which Maine expanded to include juices, teas and bottled waters; the Camp Fire Girls, which grew out of Camp WoheLo, a girl's summer camp on the shore of Sebago Lake; the peavey, blacksmith Joseph Peavey's logging invention; and the independent-minded female senator, as evidenced by Margaret Chase Smith, Olympia Snow and Susan Collins.


Dams, Beverage containers Laws and legislation, Camp Fire, Clean Air Act, Computers in education, Ear muffs, Sand-dunes, Temperance, Zoning regulations Shoreland, Dow, Neal, 1894-1897, Greenwood, Chester

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