I Remember piece in which Lafe Locke reminisces


Laf Locke


Down East




"I Remember" piece in which Lafe Locke reminisces about his first year on his new farm in Whitefield. He bought the farm in 1978, and moved in in April. At the time, he thought he had plenty of time to cut firewood from his land to heat the 150-year-old clapboard farmhouse. In the months that followed, he spent his time felling trees with his new chainsaw, cutting the logs in sort lengths for firewood, which was left stacked in small piles around the farm. Before he gathered the wood in, an early and unanticipated blizzard struck, making recovery of his firewood very difficult. He then discovered the neighborliness of farm folk, when a local woodcutter named Ed volunteered to use his oxen to cut and haul some trees to Lafe's house, where Lafe could cut a new wood supply to size as time permitted.


Neighbors, Whitefield, Locke, Laf

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