The author has compiled a list of 12 Maine villains. Henry Tufts (1748-1831) wa


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The author has compiled a list of 12 Maine villains. Henry Tufts (1748-1831) was a "one-man crime wave," who also studied with herbalist Molly Ockett. Daniel Brackett (1757-1826) led a band of so-called "White Indians"who resented paying taxes to the proprietors. Dorcas Doyen, aka Helen Jewett, (1813-1836) was a beautiful prostitute who began her career in Portland. Augustus King (n.d.) was the protagonist of Portland's King Riot, also known as the Whorehouse Riot of 1849. Henry Plummer (1832-1864), a former sheriff, led a gang that preyed on gold miners. Major General James Henry Carleton (1814-1873) was a military martinet who ruthlessly crushed the Navajo nation. Louis Wagner (c.1846-1875) was the ax murderer of Smutty Nose Island. Eugene Farnsworth (1868-1926) was the King Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan in Maine. Mildred Gillars, aka Axis Sally, (1900-1988) was a propagandist for Nazi Germany. George Lincoln Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party. Fred H. Vahlsing, Jr. (c.1936-1991), aka the Sugar Beet King of Maine, was a notorious polluter. Ken Ng (n.d.) a Portland restauranteur and owner of Hu Shang, was the principal in a huge tax evasion case. Henry Knox was both a hero and a scoundrel (see longer article).


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