Maine at Work.


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Interviews with eleven members of Maine’s top ten industries (using the categories designated by the Department of Labor), with a brief reflection on the ways the Maine economy has changed. Healthcare and education account for the largest segment of the Maine economy, with 162,807 jobs, or a third of all occupations in the state. Trade, transportation, and utilities, dominated by sales jobs, accounts for 123,087 jobs, while Leisure and Hospitality provides 61,999 jobs. The Professional and Business Services sector accounts for 58,456 jobs; Manufacturing, 55,285, Financial Activities, 30,789; Construction, 27,856; Public Administration, 27,779; “Other,” which is the term used by the Department of Labor for sole proprietors that don’t fit into any other category, 16,833; and Information, 8,777 jobs. Interviews were conducted with: Emanuel Pariser, co-director of education at the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences; Ellie Daniel and Donna Broderick, both homebirth midwives; Pete and Kim Erskine who own Mexicali Blues; Peggy S. Liversidge, owner and founder of Kitchen Chicks Catering; Severin Beliveau, lobbyist and lawyer; Barrett Brown, director of CedarWorks; Michael Dubyak, president and CEO of WEX; David Nazaroff, whose construction firm Penobscot Company, specializes in the repair and restoration of lighthouses; Jeremiah Crockett, forest ranger; Hilda Taylor, cat sitter; and Suzanne Nance, opera singer and host of MPBN’s classical music program.


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