A Place of Grace: It's not in the mountains. It's not on the coast. But something about friendly little Pittsfield perfectly evokes the Maine community ethic. (Also, ballerinas!)


Down East



Volume Number

VOL. 64, NO. 3


60-67, and 78-78


Article about a community-based effort called the Year of Kindness in Pittston, Maine. Started by the Heart of Pittston founder Ray Bethelette, the Pittston Public Library and many other community residents. Also includes information about a dance program at Maine Central Institute, and Cianbro and other local businesses. [Images]


Small-Town Life, Kindness, Pittsfield, Maine, Tom Roberts, Snakeroot Farm, Lois Labbe, Farmers, Heather Holland, Mike Holland, Heart of Pittsfield, Year of Kindness, Jane Woodruff, Pittsfield Public Library, Maine Central Institute, Cianbro, Kenneth Cianchette, Ival Cianchette, Carl Cianchette, Alton Cianchette, Ballerinas, Natalya Nikolaevna Getman, The Bossov Ballet, Outland Farm, Brewery, Vaughan Woodruff, Holly Zadra, Insource Renewables, Ray Berthelette,

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