Dooryard; Making it in Maine; Apple of His Eye: Bob Sewall's Lincolnville Farm--Maine's oldest organic apple orchard--is his life's passion and a wellspring of innovation


Down East



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VOL. 64, NO. 3




Organic apple farmer, Bob Sewall owner of Sewall Orchards in Lincolnville, Maine grows apples which he uses to produce unfiltered, unpreserved, unpasteurized apple cider. Sewall, the son of a doctor, was concerned about chemicals in farming and started his organic farm in 1978 and has built a line of value-added products such as apple cider and apple cider vinegar. His neighbor, Viljo Masalin, a fellow farmer, taught him the art of "soils-up organics". His 500 tree orchard ended wholesale product sales when the FDA insisted that he must use processes that involve chemicals. He and his wife, Eva continue to farm the natural way. [Images]


Organic Farming, Apple Orchards, Value-Added Products, Apple Cider, Cider Vinegar, Viljo Masalin, Bob Sewall, Lincolnville, Maine, Sewall Orchard, Levenseller Mountain.

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