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Down East






When we launched last year's inaugural Great Maine Scavenger Hunt, we weren't sure anyone would even be ambitious/crazy enough to attempt it, we underestimated you. As we launch this year's hunt we salute the many participants and finishers from 2017- and share a few of our favorite stories. Gathered from every corner of Maine.


Abby Bolduc, Carol Chabot, Lewiston, Linda Hilliard Chadburn, Greene, Mike Dattilio, Lee Dattilio, Alison Drury, Melanie Kent, Mark Edwards, Jane Braun, Tyler Holmes, Alicia Holmes, Erin Howard, Joel Howard, Colin Kearns, Mark Kent, Carolyn Lex, Henry Mauer, Deborah Mauer, Shawna Mitchell, Evan Dyer, James Oleson, Linda Parent, Daniel Pritzker, Ted Repa, Betty Repa, Jerry Seaman, Elizabeth Snuggs-Charles, Teresa Allen, Tim Bouchard, Sharon Bouchard, Jessica Faught, Jenn Fortin, Matt Fortin, Laura Kiefer, Gary Stanhope, Wendall Milliken, Jan Milliken, Ken Snowman, Donna Snowman, Ed Auger, Skye Auger, Robin Auger, Max Auger, Fritz Ballard, Jessica Biron, Maureen Bonzey, Melinda Corey, Donna Dailey, Carol Nesdill, Holly Devine and Camdyn Devine, Stephanie Herrick, Heather Josselyn-Cranson, Emily Hopkins and Eric Krohne, Billie Mitchell, Sheri Morrow, Rebecca Ober, Samantha Oleson, Toni Parker, Sherli Searles, Rick Searles, Amy Tan, Jeanne Watts, Ryan Watts, Aliza Welch, Rachel Zink, Jason Zink, Freddy

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