Sweet, Fleeting Season


Down East






In summer, Camp Ellis moves at its own carefree pace. But beneath the sultry calm, the beach enclave is waging a desperate battle with rising seas. Saco's title as the town with the most erosive coastline in Maine is the result of a poorly designed jetty, and sand gobbling storms. Residents fear the impending loss of more of their beloved beach, homes and streets as the Army Corps of Engineers tries to devise a strategy to combat the problems.


Camp Ellis General Store, Midge Sanborn, Sea Hawk Shop, Saco, Maine, Saco River, Chevy's Bait and Tackle, Gerry Chevy Chevalier, Norman Boo Boo Metayer, Huot's Seafood Restaurant, Don Moore, Beach Dunes, Jetty, Seawall, Erosion, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Joanne Pendleton Larochelle, Ellen Coniaris, Dan Chadbourne, Dwayne Singletary, Kathy Lovely, Cindy Wormwood, Colin Wormwood, Denise Gelinas, Fishing Village, Seasonal Community, Susan Calderone, Black Beach, Fish'n Optician, Surf Street, Patriot's Day Storm, Patrick Fox, Sea Level Rise, Climate Change, Kevin Sutherland, Pine Point, Ferry Beach, Erosion Mitigation, Angus King, Susan Collins, Chellie Pingree, Dredging, Craig Martin

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