A Town in Between


Down East




64-73; 88-90


The easternmost village on the U.S. Atlantic coast charts a course through tradition and change, native and newcomers, nature's beauty and nature's fury. Lubec, Maine is seen by some as a mystical place with vibrational energy, but in the end, it is a fishing community trying to survive and hold onto its fishermen and their heritage.


Shanna Wheelock, West Quoddy Narrows, McCurdy Smokehouse, Rachel Rubeor, Lubec Landmarks, John McCurdy, Briny, Herring, Sardines, Fishermen, Basil Woodward III, Logan Preston, Joey Jones, Julie Keene, Campobello Island, Molholland Point Lighthouse, Adam Boutin, Safe Harbor Committee, Breakwater, Tides, Lost Fisherman's Memorial Park, Shelly Corey Tinker, Loren Lank, PFAs, Bob Judd, Community, Heritage, McGinley Jones, Maureen Lord, Gale White, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Lubec Brewing Company, Two Nation Vacation, Bay of Fundy International Marathon, Davis Pike, Down East Coastal Conservancy, Cobscook Bay, Gilbert Butler, The Butler Conservation Fund, Red Point Park, Heather Henry, Eastland Motel, Glen Tenan,

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