So Cold it Shines


Will Grunewald


Down East




50-55, 70


An article recounting the turbulent history of Saddleback Mountain in Rangeley. Recounts the ups and downs of the ski resort's history, from its bare-bones beginnings in the 1950s, through various ill-fated attempts to update and expand the property, to 2016, when lack of funds to replace an aged chairlift forced the resort to close. Details the failed attempts to purchase Saddleback from owner Bill Berry and his family, including an effort by controversial Australian (and alleged criminal) Sebastian Monsour, CEO of the Majella Group. Describes the eventual hard-won success of the Arctaris Impact Fund and its cofounder Jonathan Tower in purchasing the mountain, and how their plans to refurbish and reopen the resort in 2020 were immediately challenged by the coronavirus pandemic. Discusses the unique character of Saddleback and its impact on the economy of the Rangeley area.

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