Along the American Archipelago, Signs Are Everywhere: Rising seas, warming waters impacting islands in Alaska, the Carolinas, the Chesapeake


Philip Conkling


Island Journal



Volume Number

VOL. 33




Shell Disease, Diminishing Catch of Bass, Rockfish, George Noongwook, Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission St. Lawrence Island, Arctic warming temperatures

Violent weather, ice and temperature change, whaling season, Bering Strait transit, Fishermen and hunters affected, Article presents case studies, research and statistics about the affect of climate change on island and coastal communities across the United States from Alaska, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. Highlights how violent weather, ice and temperature change, storm surge and more are impacting fishermen, hunters, whalers, landowners and more. Proposals by local islanders, community leaders, nature agencies, engineers, and local and federal government are presented. Explains what communities are doing, or not doing to combat or retreat from environmental changes that impact the island way of life.


Climate Change, Sea-Level Rise, Island Communities, Economics, Ocean Warming, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Rising Sea Levels, Storm Surge, Thermal Expansion, Melting Ice Caps, Greenland, Antarctica, Economic Impacts, Politics, Scientific Forecasts, Kim Gaffett, Block Island, Deepwater Wind, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Redevelopment, Life Estate- Reverse Mortgage Buyouts, Conservation, Storm Takeout, Electricity, Tom Chase, Nature Conservancy, Engineering Shorelines, Sconset Bluff, Geo-Tubes, Cormac Collier, Nantucket Land Council, Energy Policies, Fossil Fuels, Fire Island, Long Island, Protective Dunes, Suzy Goldhirsch, Fire Island Association, Smith Island, Maryland, Skeptics, Loss of Community, Tangier Island, Virginia, Seawalls, Army Corps of Engineers, Carol Moore-Pruitt, Chesapeake Bay, Sinking, Subsiding, Geological Changes,Harkers Island, North Carolina, Karen Amspacher, Islanders in Denial, Tourism, Real Estate, Legislation, Projections, Protests, Marine Mammal Commission,

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