The Laboratory By The Sea: Biological Lab's connection to nature informs its work


Island Journal



Volume Number

VOL. 34




Highlights The MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor which is a state-of-the- art research facility. The facility is explained, as well as the type of scientific research and education they are involved with at this point in their long history. Biomedical and human health science is the focus of their important work.


Marine Research, Tufts Summer School of Biology, Potts Point, South Harpswell, George B. Dorr, Thomas Emery Farm, Salisbury Cove, MDI Biological Laboratory, Jerilyn Bowers, Eli Kennerly Marshall, Medical Research, Scientists, Environmental Science, Kevin Strange, Biomedical Sciences, Biologists, NIH Grants, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Algae Production, National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota, Novo Biosciences, Inc.,MSI-1436, Michael Zasloff, Tissue Regeneration, Muscle Regeneration, Jarod Rollins, Roundworms, Human Longevity, Funding, For Profit, National Institutes of Health, Salamandar, Zebrafish, Vott Yin, Human Regeneration, Karlee Markovich, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Burns, Heart Attacks, Education, Science Literacy, Jackson Laboratory, College of the Atlantic, Biomedical Research, Collaboration, STEM, Entrepreneurship, Economic Impact, Research and Development, Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation, Aric Rogers, Aging Biology Research, Anti-Aging, Human Health

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