Profiles of Mainebiz's 2013 Business Leaders of the Year






1, 14-24


Profiles of Mainebiz's 2013 Business Leaders of the Year, including CMP President and CEO Sara Burns, the leader in the large company category; David Desjardins, President and CEO of Acadaia Federal Credit Union, the leader in the small business category; and President and CEO of Avesta Housing, Dana Totman, the leader in the nonprofit category. CMP has won numerous awards for customer satisfaction and service recovery in the wake of natural disasters under Burns’s leadership, and she continues to work with her employees to focus on safety and planning for the future. Desjardins’s emphasis on face-to-face transactions and his intimate knowledge of local industries have helped him to more than double the credit union’s membership and to increase the assets from $32 million to $115 million. Under Totman’s leadership, Avesta has taken on the challenge of developing housing for the homeless and helping low-to-moderate income people own their own homes, while the organization itself has moved into the black for the first time and has doubled its portfolio of units.


Business, Executives

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