Local power : Peregrine Turbine's new approach to distributed energy generation


Lori Valigra








Wiscasset-based Peregrine Turbine Technologies LLC has developed an energy-efficient turbine, whose first application is expected to be used in distributed energy generation. Although distributed energy systems, where power is generated at the point of consumption, rather than centrally, can be viewed as a disruptive technology, they are making inroads in Maine. Their growth, however, is expected to be slight due to the state’s non-aggressive policies towards promoting distributed energy generation. David Staff, CEO and chief technology officer at Peregrine Turbines, believes this new turbine could change that, as it will rival electrical costs of the currently used natural gas-fired, combined-cycle plants. The efficiencies and capital costs of the two methods of generating power are about the same, but delivery costs using the Peregrine turbine can be up to half of the electric bill. The technology is also able to generate electric power at the same price using biomass, as it does when using natural gas.The Peregrine Turbine is raising the necessary capital to move forward and has set for its goal to create jobs in Maine and keep the technology in Maine.


Distributed generation of electric power, Innovative technologies, Gas-turbines

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