"Real Estate" piece on 27 "dream islands" available in Maine including Oak Islan


Donna Stuart


Portland Monthly



Additional Date Information

Summerguide 2012


64-71, 194-202


"Real Estate" piece on 27 "dream islands" available in Maine including Oak Island near North Haven; Outer Goose & Goose Nubble Islands in Addison; Harbor Island in Bucks Harbor, Brooksville; Ram Island and Scraggle Point in St. George; Ram Island at the mouth of Machias Bay; Gooseberry Island in Kittery; Middle Hardwood in Jonesport; Davis Island in St. George; Chance Island in Machiasport; Scabby Island chain in Machiasport; Lower Birch Islands in Addison; Narrows Island & Bar Island in Harrington; Norton Island in Addison; Fisherman's Island near Beals; Nautilus Island in Brooksville; Joe's Island in Friendship; Brown Island in Nicatous Lake; White's Island in Big Lake, Washington County; Ram Island in Saco Bay; Hanneman Island in Big Lake, Greenville; Birch Island in Moosehead Lake, Greenville; Murch Island in George's Pond, Franklin; Phoebe Island in Sebec Lake, Piscataquis; Burnt Island in Saint George Lake, Liberty; Genthner Island in Pemaquid Pond, Nobleboro; Chasse Island in Wadleigh Pond, Lymna; and Foster Island in Narraguagus Bay, Harrington.

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