Perspectives; Maine Painters, A Catalog, Vol. III


Portland Monthly






Maine painters are making excitng news at auction. The individual works, auction house locations, and stunning prices realized are included.


Andrew Winter, Charles Dormon Robinson, John Marin, Joseph DeCamp, William Stubbs, William Thon, Franklin Stanwood, Carl Sprinchorn, Joel M. Babb, George W. Bellow, Stephen Etnier, Georgia O'Keeffe, Eastman Johnson, Waldo Peirce, John Folinsbee, Robert Indiana, William Dunton, Charles Hervert Woodbury, William Zorach, Martin Lewis, Samuel Colman, Kenneth Noland, Richard Estes, D.A. Fisher, Marsden Hartley, Ben Foster, Neil Welliver, Hortense T. Ferne, Frank Whiteside, Robert Spear Dunning, Marguerite Zorach, Charles Morris Young, Stephen Pace, Selden Connor Gile, John Joseph Enneking, Andrew Newell Wyeth, NC Wyeth, Imero Gobbato, Walter Griffin, Dwight Blaney, Donald Allen Mosher, Paul Strisik, Virgil Williams, Abbott Fuller Graves, James Everett Stuart, Samuel Bradburn Banton, Reuben Tam, Hunt Slonem, Charles Herbert Woodbury, Zanthus Russell Smith, George Carpenter, T.M. Nicholas, Haley Lever, Eric Hopkins, Alfred Chadbourn, Jay Connaway, Seth Eastman, William Thon, Alexander Bower, Alzira Boehm Peirce, Walter E. Schofield, Peter Poskas, Alfred Gwynne Morang

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