Made In Maine; End Games: Where does a bath Iron Works yacht go to drop her final anchor?


Portland Monthly




43-47; 76-78


A historical piece about the transformation of Bath Iron Works' mission producing navy ships to its resurrection building luxury yachts for America's rich and famous. Details the yachts built, their owners and the fate each had as World War II meant that many were converted to war ships.


William S. Peter Newell, Vanda, BIW, Archibald Main, Shipbuilding, Bath Iron Works Corporation, Ernest B. Dane, Shipyard, Hiram Edward Manville, Hi- Esmaro, Corsair IV, John Pierpont Morgan, Princess of the Sea, Aras, Hugh J. Chisholm Jr., Aras II, Caroline II, Edridge R. Johnson, Edward Windsor VIII, Wallis Simpson, Moana, Ernest Hemingway, Errol Flynn, William B. Leeds, USS San Bernardino, World War II, Andrea Bubbles Luckenbach, Hiram Edward Manville, USS Niagara, USS Hilo, USS Williamsburg, USS Potomac, Pacific Cruise Lines, Corsair, Cruise Ships, Luxury Yachts, Warships

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