Hungry Eye; Getting Fresh: There's a difference between fresh fish and "fresh fish". Especially for the resourceful locals who know the secrets of where and when to go!


Portland Monthly



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August 2018




The way to acquire fresh fish and seafood in Portland has changed since the introduction of the Portland Fish Exchange, and regular auctions that are attended by the area's restaurants. The products sold, the way it happens, and the players are portrayed in this article.


Free Range Fish and Seafood, Cullen Burke, Harbor Fish Market, Browne Trading Company, Upstream Trucking, Jasmine Miller, Fish Exchange, Portland Fish Pier, True North, Central Provisions, Tipo, Lio, Bangs Island Mussels, Mr. Tuna, Old Port Sea Grill, Scales, Sagamore, HillIzakaya Minato, Bolster, Snow & Co., Drifters Wife, Alex Murphy, George Parr, Dana Street, Street & Company, Scales Restaurant, Fore Street, Eventide, Emelitsa, Petite Jacqueline, Izakaya Minato, Mr. Tuna, Paolo Laboa, Solo Italiano, Cara Stadler, Bao Bao, Tao Yuan, Richmond Island Fish Weir, Fred Eliot, Old Port Sea Grill, Graham Botto, Jordan Rubin, Kyle Reynolds, Chris Gould, Paige Gould, Elaine Alden, Thomas Takashi Cooke, Anthony DeLois, Francis Hotel, Andrew Thompson, Ben Jackson

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