Profiles of four immigrants currently living in Maine.


Nenad Zoric


Portland Monthly



Additional Date Information

July-Aug 2005




Profiles of four immigrants currently living in Maine. Ali Hassan Ibrahim, a father of 20, left his native Somalia for Portland four years ago. His wife is in Kenya and he hasn't seen her for four years. The whereabouts of four of his children is unknown, and one of his sons was beheaded in Saudi Arabia two months ago. Lina Fesenko, a 42-year-old civil engineer from Ukraine, came to Portland in 1998. Fesenko, who now owns Supreme Pizza in the West End, has a daughter back in Ukraine. Simeon G. Allolding, Sr., was forced to leave his home in Sudan in 1963. In 1995, Allolding emigrated to Portland and now works for the City of Portland's Health and Human Services Department under the Refugee Resettlement Program. Roya Hejabian, 23, fled Iran in 1997 and now teaches at the Casco Bay Montessori preschool in South Portland.


Immigrants in Maine, Ibrahim, Ali Hassan, Fesenko, Lina, Allolding, Simeon G, Hejabian, Roya

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