"Cover Story" piece on Lynx canadensis. Maine is the only Northeast state with


Phyllis Austin


Maine Times




4-6, 8, 1


"Cover Story" piece on Lynx canadensis. Maine is the only Northeast state with a documented pocket of perhaps two dozen lynx in two remote northern townships. How many more reside here is unknown, although the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) guesses there are between 20 and 200. In conjunction with a study being done by Maine's Inland Fish and Wildlife Department (IF&W) to determine the state's lynx population, Dr. Dan Harrison of the University of Maine will try to determine the impact of pre-commercial thinning (PCT) of the forest on the lynx population. PCT removes the browse the hare feeds on and some biologists believe the reduced hare numbers may undermine the lynx population locally and regionally. On May 3, Defenders of Wildlife and a number of other environmental organizations filed a notice of intent to sue FWS for listing the lynx as threatened, rather than endangered. And some biologists question whether the protocol of the IF&W study is too narrow, a sign Maine bureaucrats are showing favoritism toward the forest products industry and trappers. With details of the population study and the threatened-versus-endangered FWS-listing legal challenge.



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