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The source of the material tabulated in this report is the 1960 United States Census of Population and Housing published and unpublished data as follows:

Published data: U.S. Census of Population: 1960.
- Number of Inhabitants, Maine, Final Report PC (1) - 21A
- General Population Characteristics, Maine, Final Report PC (1) - 21B
- General Social and Economic Characteristics, Maine, Final Report PC (1) - 21C
U.S. Census of Housing: 1960
State and Small Areas, Maine, Final Report HC (1) - 21

Unpublished data (portion of Cumberland County, Maine)
- Advanced Table PH-1 - - Population and Housing Characteristics: 1960.
- Special Table PH-3
- Special Table PH-4
- Special Table PH-8

This report has been compiled and printed through joint cooperation of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce, and
Portland Planning Board