Is This Man a Victim?: Maine adopted Kenyan runner Moninda Marube as a symbol of human trafficking's invisible casualties, but a close look at his case raises hard questions--and illustrates the challenge of investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes


Down East




88-91; 114-128


A longer article about a high profile competitive Kenyan runner, Moninda Marube who now lives in Auburn, Maine while awaiting a decision on a U Visa application. This visa is granted to victims of human trafficking who agree to help prosecute the perpetrators of the crime. A complicated story leads to contradictions, questions and some proof of Marube's allegations of being the victim of labor trafficking at the hand of Coon Rapids, Minnesota running coach William Kosgei.


University of Maine Farmington, Sponsorship, Homeland Security Investigations, Maine Attorney General's Human Trafficking Work Group, The Long Distance, YouTube, Summit in Human Trafficking, Duma Runners Club, Maine Marathon, Annalisa Enrile,Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault, International Association of Athletics Federations, Daniella Cameron, Anti-Trafficking Services at Preble Street, Portland, Dan Campbell, Kenya, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Phillip Crowell, Not Here Justice in Action Network, Nicole Kosgei, Richard Kandie, Rael Murey, Kisii, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Tribal Prejudice, Alicia Peters, Responding to Human Trafficking, Daniel Andrea Sager, Slavery, Exploitation, Bridgette Carr, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

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