"Focus Transportation & Trade" piece on the potential benefits of almost $25 mil


Matt Dodge








"Focus Transportation & Trade" piece on the potential benefits of almost $25 million in upgrades to Maine's three surviving ocean ports: Portland, Searsport, and Eastport. A significant decline in port traffic during 2009 spurred port officials to expand their businesses to include other industries, such as investing in a bulk cargo handling system to facilitate the transport of woody biomass that is in high demand in Europe. The increased diversification was supported by $14 million in federal stimulus grants. Eastport won temporary approval from the Department of Agriculture to be the only New England port permitted to export cattle and the port's location is well suited to serve as a departure point for cattle heading to large importers in the Middle East and Russia. After a four-year lull, Portland's International Marine Terminal is in use once again due to traffic from American Feeder Lines, a startup shipping company. The pier's capacity has been increased by 5,000 square feet and Portland's recently unveiled mega berth at Ocean Gateway Terminal's Pier II will allow the world's largest cruise ships to visit Portland.

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