Last Ones Standing.


Craig Idlebrook






1, 16-20.


Profiles of four businesses that have managed to survive, despite the challenges of the Internet age. Peter Doe, the owner of Portland's Photo Market, still processes film in-store, but has also adapted to changing times by offering digital cameras and investing in a digital processing lab. Pam Hurley-Moser, owner of Hurley Travel Experts in Portland, has focused on a high level of customer service in order to weather challenges in the travel industry, from online mega-companies to fee hikes imposed by the airlines. Under the leadership of Warren Roberts, Warren's Office Supplies in Springvale has fought back against big box marketing by selling its retail storefront and dealing exclusively in wholesale and online sales while maintaining a boots-on-the-ground sales force to engage with the local business community. As the demand for print services has plummeted, Rick Tardiff, CEO of J.S. McCarthy Printers in Augusta, has streamlined the printing process to keep prices down and improve turnaround time, and has decentralized problem-solving to help improve efficiency.


JS McCarthy Printers, Augusta, Warren's Office Supplies, Springvale, Hurley Travel Experts, Portland, Photo Market, Portland

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