"Cover Story" piece on a Bayside community-design workshop organized by architec


Portland Phoenix




1, 12, 14-15


"Cover Story" piece on a Bayside community-design workshop organized by architect and Portland urban designer Alan Holt, who says he wanted to show Portland what a meaningful participatory process would look like. Holt also approached Architalx, a local architects' group to sponsor the event, and invited New Urbanism guru Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk to participate as well. Between Bayside redevelopment and the current waterfront plan, massive changes are about to happen that are going to transform the peninsula for generations to come. But if the Bayside charette workshop represented open public participation, the waterfront project represents the polar opposite. The plan, called "Oceangate," is to spend $9 million in state transportation bond money to build a new terminal on the Maine State Pier. City and state officials have kept a tight hold on the waterfront planning process and though a committee will be selected to participate in a waterfront-focused public planning process, Portland's mayor will select committee members. Many who live and work on the waterfront would like to see a process used for its development similar to the process organized by Holt for the Bayside community.


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