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Commentary from around Maine. Topics presented: Maine is the only state in the nation where the legislature choses the attorney general and argues it should be a publicly elected position. Rather than educating the public about serious health concerns, such as Portland Public Schools did in 1991 when a student was diagnosed with AIDS, the author argues politicians should do likewise and not use the tactics they did when nurse Kaci Hitchox returned from to Maine from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, which tended to raise fear in the public. Efforts to ban current bear hunting tactics by baiting, hounding and trapping could return to the ballot, but perhaps not if the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife ends hounding and trapping when it undertakes its once-every-fifteen year review this year. The Maine Public Utilities Commission is reviewing proposals to expand natural gas line capacity in Maine, but needs to closely examine the costs and benefits before doing so.


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