We are Mainers, Dammit, and We Can Still Hang Out Outside


Brian Kevin


Down East




48-53, 64


A survey of the various approaches used by Maine restaurants and pubs to encourage outdoor dining and drinking in winter during the Covid-19 pandemic. Multiple purveyors of food and drink from around the state describe how they have attempted to make their customers comfortable outside in the cold, from geodesic "beer domes" and firepits at Fluvial Brewing in Harrison to a heat-lamp warmed courtyard at Little Giant in Portland's West End. Features multiple inset articles: "Throw Down," describing four different throw blankets and their retailers; "3 Questions for the True Hero of Our Pandemic Winter: a Teacher," where Hope Elementary School teacher Sarah Schrader discusses how to safely engage children in cold-weather outdoor play; "Cocktail Hour," a very brief meditation on hot-buttered rum, complete with a recipe from a book by Kenneth Roberts; and "What Would Peary Do," which encourages readers to visit the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum at Bowdoin College (or its online exhibitions during pandemic closures), and offers advice from museum director Dr. Susan Kaplan on how to survive in extreme conditions.

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