Portland Monthly was founded in 1985 by Colin and Nancy Sargent. The monthly magazine has won numerous awards for its design. Their web site’s “about us” page provides the following description:

“Portland Magazine celebrates the region’s native appeal with award-winning columns on the waterfront; profiles of the region’s business and people; and features on the area’s arts, getaways, maritime history, geography, and cuisine.”

Portland Public Library’s collection of Portland Monthly is complete, and begins with the first issue, October 1985. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2014

Lads o' the Lake … A Creative Diary, Trevor Lewington

The Maine 100, Evan Livada

Star Map of North Haven Island, Deana Lorenzo

Ready for Takeoff, Portland Monthly

Alda Ego, Diane Russell

Guns & Lobsters, Colin S. Sargent

Area 207, Colin S. Sargent

Musket Mythology, Colin S. Sargent

Portland Pentimento, Colin S. Sargent

Big Banned Music, Colin W. Sargent

Cape Seascape, Colin W. Sargent

Edgeless in Vacationland, Colin W. Sargent

Harbor Watch., Colin W. Sargent

Indie Anna, Colin W. Sargent

Romance of the Italian U-Boat, Colin W. Sargent

Sara Style, Colin W. Sargent

Sign of the Times, Colin W. Sargent

Whatever Happened to Barbara DiNinno?, Colin W. Sargent

You're the Top, Colin W. Sargent

A Tale of Two Paintings, Colin W. Sargent

A View with a View, Colin W. Sargent

Hidden Gem, Colin W. Sargent

Lobster Mania, Colin W. Sargent

Made in the Shade, Colin W. Sargent

New Harmony in K'Port, Colin W. Sargent

Papa's Three AMEgos!, Colin W. Sargent

That House, Colin W. Sargent

The Zombie Diaries, Colin W. Sargent

Underwood Springboard, Colin W. Sargent

Witch Way Revisited, Colin W. Sargent

Zom Rom Com, Colin W. Sargent

Ten Most Intriguing, Portland Monthly Staff

Mémoire des Mémoires, John Taylor

Voice of America, Gwen Thompson

FitzWonderful, Staff &. Wire reports

Submissions from 2013

Meeting Minerva's Messenger., Devyani Borade

Echo Lake., John Cariani

Amore Locavore., Claire Z. Cramer

Bragging Rights., Claire Z. Cramer

Chef Salad., Claire Z. Cramer

Coyote Gorgeous., Claire Z. Cramer

Douglas Kennedy In Transit, Claire Z. Cramer

Feast of the 7 Fishes (& Other Holiday Tales), Claire Z. Cramer

“Hungry Eye” piece on farmed salmon. , Claire Z. Cramer

“Hungry Eye” piece on the paucity of Franco-American restaurants in Maine., Claire Z. Cramer

Moveable Beasts., Claire Z. Cramer

Profile of Gunnar Hansen, Claire Z. Cramer

Profile of the Tardy Boys., Claire Z. Cramer

Reunited., Claire Z. Cramer

Small World., Claire Z. Cramer

Strangers in a Strange Land., Claire Z. Cramer

Supply-side Gastronomics., Claire Z. Cramer

The Secret Sharer., Claire Z. Cramer

Avant Garde., Nancy Davidson

“Clearing Millinocket.”, Lucia Davies

Man on Fire., Bernard Decré

Clearing Out., Christopher Black Deering

Brunswick high school senior Paul Kousky’s film production, Jeanee Dudley

Downton Party., Brad Emerson

La Selva, the Bar Harbor retreat of socialite Madeleine Astor , Brad Emerson

Piece about a Walter Gropius-designed house in Brooklin, Brad Emerson

Who Wore It Best?, Brad Emerson

"North.", Hailey Gutwin

“Zeitgeist” piece about the Portland of the near future, James V. Horrigan

Art of the Meal. , Diane Hudson

Piccolo Delizioso!, Diane Hudson

Restaurant review of Fuel, which serves gourmet French cuisine in Lewiston., Diane Hudson

Restaurant review of Luis’s Arepara & Grill, Diane Hudson

Review of Enio’s Eatery in South Portland., Diane Hudson

Review of JP’s Bistro on Woodford Street in Portland., Diane Hudson

Fish & Ships., Diane. Hudson

“Hungry Eye” piece about how the cultural shift in the way Americans eat, Daniel Kany

Circus College Comes to Town., Frances Killea

Animals Cope with Winter., Margaret Leahy

Identity Theft., Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Waterfront Properties for Sale, Sydney Leonard and Aaron Rauth

The Maine 100., Evan Livada

Skidder & Draw., Douglas Milliken.

Island Aloft., Ben Mitchell-Lewis.

Saturday Night Lights., Bruce Pratt

A Shower at the Beach., Adam Purple

Dream Islands., Adam D. Purple

Descriptions of several Portland sports bars., Christopher Riccardo

Big Fish., Colin S. Sargent

Drive-In Force., Colin S. Sargent

Review of Equator, a restaurant in Boston’s South End, Colin S. Sargent

Somchai (Sam) Sriweawnetr is now a Maine restaurateur, Colin S. Sargent

A brief look at why the artist John Marin has been largely forgotten, Colin W. Sargent

A look at the investigation into why the replica of the HMS Bounty sailed into Hurricane Sandy. , Colin W. Sargent

Black Douglas., Colin W. Sargent

Boone's A Room With a View., Colin W. Sargent

Brush with Fame., Colin W. Sargent

Castillo del Mar, a Spanish-style villa in Old Orchard Beach., Colin W. Sargent

Colonial Zen., Colin W. Sargent

Empire Striking Back., Colin W. Sargent

Fairy Tale., Colin W. Sargent

Fit for a King., Colin W. Sargent

Four oceanfront mansions that are currently up for sale, Colin W. Sargent

House, built in 1925 on Sandy Point in Stockton Springs, that was offered to the town for use as a library., Colin W. Sargent

“House of the Month” piece about a house on Portland’s Craigie Street designed by John Calvin Stevens and his son, John Howard, Colin W. Sargent