Portland Monthly was founded in 1985 by Colin and Nancy Sargent. The monthly magazine has won numerous awards for its design. Their web site’s “about us” page provides the following description:

“Portland Magazine celebrates the region’s native appeal with award-winning columns on the waterfront; profiles of the region’s business and people; and features on the area’s arts, getaways, maritime history, geography, and cuisine.”

Portland Public Library’s collection of Portland Monthly is complete, and begins with the first issue, October 1985. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2016

Waterfront. Shipping News, Staff & Wire Reports

Romance. Love Letter to Portland, The Crew of el Galeón

Out There. Castaway on Kent Island, Emily Weyrauch

Blue Skies & Red Claws, Jaime Wilson

Local Flavor. Conquering the Castle, Robert Witkowski

Maine Sculptors: A Catalog, Anne Zill, curator; Andres Verona, curator; and Bruce Brown, curator

Submissions from 2015

Maine Painters, A Catalog, Bruce Brown; Andy Verzosa; Honour Mack; Becca Carifio, contributor; Molly Parent, contributor; and Zee Krstic, contributor

Star Quality, Becca Carifio

Books are Back, Claire Z. Cramer

Let's Meet for a Drink, Claire Z. Cramer

Lively Ferments, Claire Z. Cramer

Morning Glory, Claire Z. Cramer

Nouvelle Old Port, Claire Z. Cramer

Party, Party, Claire Z. Cramer

Portland After Dark. Night Galleries, Claire Z. Cramer

The 50-Foot Journey, Claire Z. Cramer

The shell game, Claire Z. Cramer

First Love, Dan Domench

Lost Dogs, Dan Domench

94 Festivals, Jeanee Dudley

Icicles & Bicycles, Jeanee Dudley

Isn’t that…Funny Guy, Jeanee Dudley

Portland After Dark. All Night Long, Jeanee Dudley

Portland After Dark: Where the Locals Go, Jeanee Dudley

Italian Renaissance, [Editorial staff writers]

1980s Redux, Olivia Gunn

Imagine a town run by artists : sampling 1970s Portland, Olivia Gunn

Many faces of the city, Olivia Gunn

Portland After Dark: Not Home for the Holidays, Olivia Gunn

Down to Earth, Kelsey Harrison

Magic at Monmouth, Kelsey Harrison

Portland After Dark: What R U Doing New Year's Eve?, Karen Hofreiter

Tomorrowland, Karen Hofreiter

Bayside BBQ, Diane Hudson

Old School, New School, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review: Fireside, Freeport, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review: Re:Union, Diane Hudson

Linked In, Jo Israelson

Light fantastic, Daniel Kany

Mirror on Maine, Daniel Kany

Hollywood East, Zee Krstic and Allison Conley, researcher

Washed, Dried & Folded, Gary W. Libby

The Maine 100, Evan Livada and Hoover's/Dun & Bradstreet

She's All That, Nina Livingstone

Weaves of Grass, Bunny McBride

An Open Invitation, Andrew McCarthy

What Were We Thinking? I'll Tell You., John Menario

Incoming! Keep your eyes on the coast for the Summer of the Tall Ships, James L. Nelson and Colin S. Sargent

Take a [City] Hike, Molly Parent

Call me Kurt, Thomas A. Power

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. 2 [two] Names for Everything = Deux nomes pour tout, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. Meltdown, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. Moi, Enfin, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier: Voyages de Vacances, Rhea Côté Robbins

A Man in Full, Colin W. Sargent

Art on Ice, Colin W. Sargent

A Tale of 2 Colonies, Colin W. Sargent

Bastion of the Pointed Firs, Colin W. Sargent

Broadway's Maine man, Colin W. Sargent

Fire & Nice, Colin W. Sargent

Georgia O'Keefe, Maine Artist, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Endangered Species, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month: Sand Castle, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month: Supreme Digs, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month: The Tory Lover, Colin W. Sargent

Now that's a wrap, Colin W. Sargent

Restoration drama, Colin W. Sargent

Right Now, Judd Nelson, Colin W. Sargent

Warhol Lobsters, Colin W. Sargent

People; 10 Most Intriguing, Colin W. Sargent, Olivia Gunn, Jeanee Dudley, and Claire Z. Cramer

Knight moves, Ron Soodalter

Totem Soul, Portland Monthly staff

Lively ladies, Staff & wire reports

Money Makeover, Staff & wire reports

Sticking to the Art, Staff & wire reports

Things you must do this summer or else., Staff & wire reports

Rolling admissions, Gwen Thompson

Shelf Life, Lewis Turco

Destination anywhere, Michelle Twomey

Back to the Future, Patrick Venne

Submissions from 2014

Blind Date, Ellen Baker

Dream Islands, Michael Barry

Return of the Bookshop Around the Corner, Jim Baumer

Wild Plums, Joan Connor

Maine to Go, Claire Z. Cramer

Posh Spice, Claire Z. Cramer

Being Brad Kenney, Claire Z. Cramer

Flash Cafes, Claire Z. Cramer

Lily King, Euphoric, Claire Z. Cramer

Live Wire, Claire Z. Cramer

My One & Uni, Claire Z. Cramer

New Old Port, Claire Z. Cramer

Taking Flight, Claire Z. Cramer

Taking his Best Shot, Claire Z. Cramer

Under Exposed, Claire Z. Cramer

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, Dan Domench

The W.E.B. DuBois Files, Leigh Donaldson

The Craft of Art Beer, Jeanee Dudley

Athens in the Wilderness, Brad Emerson

A Streetcar Named Narcissus, Patricia Erikson