The Portland Phoenix serves the southern Maine area with its extensive arts and entertainment listings, as well as news reporting. According to their web site’s history page:

“The Boston Phoenix was started in 1966 as a four-page arts-and-entertainment alternative newsweekly. Today, it is one of the largest publications of its kind in the country. The Phoenix is nationally known for its award-winning, incisive journalism and publishes the most comprehensive arts-and-entertainment listings of any paper in New England.”

The Phoenix expanded first into Rhode Island, and then, in 1999, began publishing a southern Maine edition.

Hard copies of the The Portland Phoenix, beginning with the 1999 premiere issue, are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2000

"the beat report" piece on the First Annual Coaxial Music Festival, which is bei, Tanya Whiton

Preview of "Belfast, Maine," a documentary by Frederick Wiseman, which is being, Chris Wright

Submissions from 1999

"Cover Story" piece on 10 things that mattered in 1999, recapping local issues a

Schedule of New Year's Portland events, which will be presented on Dec. 31.

The Phoenix guide to voting on Nov. 2, with recommendations on proposals to ban

Art review of a collection of abstract oil paintings by Joanne Handley, which ar, Laura Addison

Art review of "Sculpture," a collection of works by 16 sculptors from throughout, Laura Addison

Preview of "Furniture II," a furniture art exhibit , which is being presented at, Laura Addison

Chris O'Connor, 25, an openly gay assistant resident at the University of Southe, Tony Giampetruzzi

More than half of all Mainers can't afford to live in Vacationland, according to, Tony Giampetruzzi

On Dec. 1, about 50 people gathered at Portland's First Parish Chuch in recognit, Tony Giampetruzzi

Paul Volle, leader of Maine's Christian Coalition, is preparing to publish Volum, Tony Giampetruzzi

Portland businesses are blurring the line between eateries and art galleries to, Tony Giampetruzzi

Proponents of a statewide anti-discrimination bill, the 12th to be introduced si, Tony Giampetruzzi

Some Portland residents say local dog owners are not picking up after their pets, Tony Giampetruzzi

The tight housing market in Portland is putting a squeeze on the city's shelters, Tony Giampetruzzi

Inaugural issue "Cover Story" piece on the two faces of U.S. senators Olympia Sn, Dan Kennedy

"Drink" piece on beer with special focus on Portland's Great Lost Bear, which of, Mark Klimek

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 8,372 Asian and Pacific Islander, Joan Lang

"Cover Story" piece on Maine's artisan breadmakers, including Big Sky, Portland, Joan Lang

Preview of a performance by the country music quintet "The Piners," which is bei, Michelle Lewis

Preview of a performance by the Mark Kleinhaut Trio, a jazz group, which is bein, Michelle Lewis

"music" piece on the Maine-based bluegrass band "The Jerks of Grass," who are cu, Michael Miliard

"the beat report" piece on Grant Wilson's Stone Coast Brewing Company, which som, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on guitarist and Portland native Nick Curran, also known, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on "It's About Time," a new compact disk (CD) by the Wes, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on Lars Vegas, a band that started in Portland in 1989., Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on Portland-based singer/songwriter Dan Merrill, and two, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on singer Pam Baker and her backpup band, the Blue Plate, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on the band Munjoy Hill Society, being presented at the, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on the Music Against Hunger Tour, which includes perform, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on the University of Southern Maine's WMPG radio station, Ben Monaghan

"the beat report" piece on Zook's Brew, a new band based in the Lewiston-Auburn, Ben Monaghan

Preview of a performance by the self-described "amphetamine pop" rock band "The, John O'Neill

Art review of "The Magic of Burma," a collection of puppets and other artwork fr, Laima Sruoginis

"Cover Story" piece on the Portland-based rock band Rustic Overtones, which has, Scott Sutherland

Various estimates put the number of injection drug users (IDUs) in the Greater P, Scott Sutherland

Maine Public Television and Maine Public Radio are urging supporters to pass a, Annmarie Timmins

Profile of Michael Rafkin, who served as artistic director of Portland's Mad Hor, Anne Ursu

Review of The Farm, Portland's newest improvisational comedy troupe featured eac, Anne Ursu

"theater" piece on "Dracula," which is being presented at the Public Theatre in, Anne Ursu

Theater preview of an interpretation of Sophocles' "Electra," which is being pre, Anne Ursu

Theater preview of "Phyzgig!," a series of performances co-produced by Acorn Pro, Anne Ursu

Theater preview of playwright and actor Susan Stover Garrett's "Mamalogue: Adve, Anne Ursu

Theater preview of "World Puppets Portland," an international puppet festival ho, Anne Ursu

Theater review of a Mad Horse Theatre Company performance of Tennessee Williams', Anne Ursu

Theater review of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," which is being presented, Anne Ursu

Theater review of Noel Coward's play "Blithe Spirit," which is being performed b, Anne Ursu

Theater review of "Rest Stop" by Eli Bresnick, and "Fixin' Amos" by Kathy Carpen, Anne Ursu

"Cover Story" piece on domestic abuse with special focus on the murder of Carol, Mary Lou Wendell

"Cover Story" piece on Maine's new independent filmmakers. In the past, the onl, Mary Lou Wendell

"Cover Story" piece on the scarcity of contractors in southern Maine. Plumbers,, Mary Lou Wendell

Feature article about a referendum question that would ban so-called "partial-bi, Mary Lou Wendell

Mercy Hospital's recent proposal to expand its facility in Portland's West End a, Mary Lou Wendell

The Portland West Neighborhood Planning Council's YouthBuild program, which help, Mary Lou Wendell

The U.S. Postal Service says a decision to move its distribution plant and 800 j, Mary Lou Wendell

Two more of the Portland Public Market's major vendors, Wolfe's Neck Farm and Ri, Mary Lou Wendell

With the demise of the plan to build a new sports arena complex in Portland, Bay, Mary Lou Wendell

"Cover Story" piece on Henry David Thoreau's visit to Maine in 1846, during whic, Clint Willis

Two new retail stores, Earth Goods and Awear 4Hemp, which sell clothing and othe, Justin Wolff