Portland Monthly was founded in 1985 by Colin and Nancy Sargent. The monthly magazine has won numerous awards for its design. Their web site’s “about us” page provides the following description:

“Portland Magazine celebrates the region’s native appeal with award-winning columns on the waterfront; profiles of the region’s business and people; and features on the area’s arts, getaways, maritime history, geography, and cuisine.”

Portland Public Library’s collection of Portland Monthly is complete, and begins with the first issue, October 1985. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2018

Portland After Dark: The Summer Doesn't End When the Sun Goes Down

Submissions from 2017


Legends: The one that got away

Maine Classics

Summer of Love: You're spoiled for choice during Maine's packed summer festival season


Waterfront: Cocktails

Waterfront: Fountainhead

Waterfront; Ships 2 Shore

Dreamboat at the Expo, Herb Adams

Material Girl: One of the First Professional Female Impersonators in America, Tom Martelle Was a Star of the 1920s Stage and a Regular Sensation in Maine, William David Barry and Danielle Fazio

Chowder; A Tasty Blend of the Fabulous, the Eyebrow Raising, and the Just Plain Wrong, Blair Best

Newsmakers; Peril on the Sea, Blair Best

Fiction. Why I Hate the Promenade, Doug Bost

Fiction. A Shaggy Dog, Joan Connor

Hungry Eye. Alluring Curing, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Back on the Menu, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. The Second Skill: Maine's Star Chefs Find Creativity Beyond the Kitchen, Claire Z. Cramer

House of the Month. The Lively Lady, Sharon Cummings

Authentic Maine. The Floating Opera, Patricia Pierce Erikson

Around the World in Maine: A Wedding-the Perfect Place for a Colorful Collison of Cultures & Traditions, Olivia Gunn

Home Port: What does Navy Week mean to us?, Olivia Gunn

Maine Wedding Guide. Wedding Zen, Olivia Gunn

Portland After Dark. Cover Me, Olivia Gunn

Portland After Dark. Night is a Cabaret, Olivia Gunn

Real Estate. Us Versus the Property Market, Olivia Gunn

Theater Guide. Wheels of Dream, Olivia Gunn

Fiction. Pickpocket, William Hall

Portland After Dark. How to be Single in Portland, Karen Hofreiter

Portland After Dark. The Curtain Call, Karen Hofreiter

Restaurant Review. Escape the City, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. Next Stop Chengdu, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. Tokyo Gastropub, Diane Hudson

Restaurant Review. West End Story, Diane Hudson

Authentic Maine. Voices: Now That’s Maine, Diane Hudson, photographer; Blair Best, photographer; and Ryan Desjardins, photographer

The Arts. David Driskell: Portrait of the Artist, Daniel Kany

Concierge: Experience, Willis Kuelthau

Authentic Maine. Overjoyed, Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Elizabeth Maynard

Hungry Eye. Tasting Maine with Barbara Lynch, Nina Livingstone

Fiction. The Shirt, John Manderino

Authentic Maine. To the Lighthouse, Fujio Mino, photographer

Love in Bloom, Sarah Moore, compiler

Authentic Maine. The Ice Caves, Sarah Moore

Electric Avenue: Once and Overlooked Corner on Portland's Cultural Map, this Stretch of Washington Avenue is Making Big Moves-and a Name for Itself in the Process, Sarah Moore

Isn't That…Bright Spark: Anita Shreve Returns to Maine in Her Latest Novel, Sarah Moore

New Oyster Cult: It’s Rising Tide for Ostreophiles, Sarah Moore

Hungry Eye. A Gastronome's Guide to Planet Maine, Sarah Moore, Bailey O'Brien, Kate Odden, and Willis Kuelthau

Fiction. Post Traumatic, Wren Pearson

Maine Classics, Portland Monthly staff writers

Portland After Dark. Turner Classic Maine, Portland Monthly staff writers

Winterguide, Portland Monthly staff writers

L’Esprit de L’Escalier, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. And You From Yours, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de l'Escalier. A Queen in Wooden Shoes, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. Consider the Tomato, Rhea Côté Robbins

L'Esprit de L'Escalier. Germinal: A Grandfather's Apple Core Takes Root in the Family Tree, Rhea Côté Robbins

Authentic Maine. Bowdoin at 100, Colin W. Sargent

Authentic Maine. Edna’s Fortress of Solitude, Colin W. Sargent

Authentic Maine. Maine’s Time-Space Portal, Colin W. Sargent

Experience. Little This, Little That, Colin W. Sargent

Hidden Shore, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Deering High Style, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Oarweek Magic, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. Ogunquit on the Rocks, Colin W. Sargent

House of the Month. The House on the Hill, Colin W. Sargent

Portland After Dark. Dinner Is the Show, Colin W. Sargent

Real Estate. At the Top of the Market: Northernly Paradise, Colin W. Sargent

Real Estate. Maine Coast: Low Cost, Colin W. Sargent

Restaurant Review. The Hungry Cove, Colin W. Sargent

Authentic Maine. Spirit of the Mountain, Colin W. Sargent and Barry Dana, interviewee

Obsessions. Dream Islands, Colin W. Sargent and Willis Kuelthau

Perspective. Searching for Maine in the Nation's New Attic, Colin W. Sargent and Sarah Moore

Downtown. New Port: Dreamers Upend Downtown, the Old Port, and the Waterfront, Mike Schoch

Katahdin Calls, Haley Snyder

Roots: Over There, Over Here, Haley Snyder

Authentic Maine. Murder in Paradise, Ron Soodalter

Authentic Maine. Chebegue Island, The Trumpeter of Krakow Finds a Home, Staff & Wire Reports

Authentic Maine. Secrets of the “Yokelvores”, Staff & Wire Reports

Authentic Maine. The Curious Incident of the Lobster Thermidor, Staff & Wire Reports

Authentic Maine. The Grand Tour, Staff & Wire Reports

Authentic Maine. Wave Action!, Staff & Wire Reports

Getaways. Great Escapes Maine, Staff & wire reports

Authentic Maine. Chasing Frederick Douglass, Darlene Taylor

Submissions from 2016

City Beat. King's Row, William David Barry

Fiction. St. Anthony's, Greg Brown

Out There. Extraordinary Maine, Loren Coleman and Jenny Coleman

An Epicurean's Guide to Planet Maine, Claire Z. Cramer

Gallery Gourmet, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Beyond Salt & Pepper, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Eat, Drink, Restaurant Week, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere Here!, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Kitchen Collaboration, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Lobster With a Twist, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Oyster Empire, Claire Z. Cramer

Hungry Eye. Veggie Visionaries, Claire Z. Cramer

Road Warrior. Redefining Getaways, Claire Z. Cramer

Wellness. Dancing Around the Fire, Claire Z. Cramer

Wellness. Fantastic Voyage, Claire Z. Cramer

Words. Highway Signs, Claire Z. Cramer

Landmark. Bridging the Kennebunks, Sharon Cummins