Submissions from 1978

Maria Gollaros emigrated to America in 1916 and spent 60 years working in New En, Deborah Garvin and Sheryl Lane

Monty Washburn of Kittery Point demonstrates how to hand hew a canoe paddle so l, Douglas Lamont, Steve Keating, Chris Adelhardt, and Chris Bates

F. J. O'Hara and Sons in Rockland cuts several thousand pounds of redfish, or Oc, Sheryl Lane, Greg Violette, Robin E McGahey, and Lynn Kippax Jr.

Boatbuilder Tim Dowling will work for two years to build his 45-foot Herreschoff, Julien LeSieur

The Furbish twins, Edith and Ethel, 90, recall their grandfather, Franklin Efrim, Robin E. McGahey

Private landowners in York County have pledged almost 800 acres of woods for Sal, Dorothy O'Keefe

On the mud flats of the Kennebunk River, Salt apprentices learn boatbuilding, co, Pamela Holley Wood and Lynn Kippax Jr

Second in a series of profiles of residents of remote Swan's Island. Ruth Mould, Pamela Holley Wood, Anne Pierter, Dorothy O'Keefe, Deborah Garvin, Janice Coyne, and Lynn Kippax Jr.

Ken Berdeen has raised 1,585 lilac bushes on his 65-acre garden just outside Ken, Wade Zahares

Submissions from 1977

Kennebunk area residents recall old-time Christmases of the 1900s, 1910s, and 19

Reid Chapman teaches how to make apple cider in an old fashioned Hocking Valley, Ann Bath, Sharon Crisman, and Joe Iriana

Fisherman Lester Orcutt explains the process and daily routine of dragging, incl, Herbert Baum III and Anne Gorham

Fly fisherman Martin Pierter of Kennebunk explains how to tie wet and dry flies., Jeff Bonney

Mary Turner or West Peru explains how to churn butter. Details, buttermilk mola, Kelly Emery

Twelve related articles about river driving. Outlawed in 1976, driving took adva, Kelly Emery, Bill O'Donnell, Beth Mann, and Abby Dubay

Muriel Reimer of Kennebunk explains how she makes her own porcelain dolls. Detai, Lorraine Kingsbury

The author explains how he builds duck blinds on the Mousam River. Photos and d, Terry Merill

Wilmer and Elizabeth Ames have had lobstering in their families for generations., Anne Pierter

Clarence Hale has been making sails in Sargentville since 1933. He and his son, Anne Pierter and Anne Gorham

Ada Foss of Cape Porpoise shows how to knit bait bags. All her needles are hand, Anne Pierter and Stephanie Wood

Ken Hutchins of Cape Porpoise knows everything there is to know about tuna fishi, Betsey Robinson and Chip Zeiner

Harvey Bixby of Cape Porpoise explains how to make a mortared stone wall. Detail, Mark Serreze, Dave Brown, and Bill Burgess

Monty Washburn of Kittery Point explains how to cut branches from Staghorn Sumac, Suellen Simpson

At his Upton hunting camp, Monty Washburn shows how to collect, clean, cook, and, Jay York, Stephanie Wood, and Mark DeTeso

Submissions from 1976

Avon Wilcox of Alfred shows how to cane chairs. Photos and illustrations show t

Five related articles on Prohibition-era rum running in Maine. Maine's former f

The author, Ida Allen, recounts some of her life in Maine's woods. She was born, Ida Allen

Herbert Baum, Sr., has built boats on the Kennebunk River for 31 years. A Coast, Herbert Baum III and Kathi Preble

Profile of Coast Guard lighthouse keeper Martin Cain and his lighthouse on Goat, Jeff Bonney

Don Shaw of Bingham explains the techniques and tools of ice fishing. Ice fishe, Steve Bragdon

Helen Perley, proprietor of White Animal Farm, tells some of the many ways she f, Erin Campbell and Lorraine Kingsbury

Richard Nickerson of Arundel has been building ships in bottles for about 15 yea, Howard Doane and Bill Shook

Profile of Sam and Hazel Wildes, familiar figures on the Cape Porpoise pier for, Kelly Emery

Herbert Hutchins hauls two strings of gill nets off the Cape Porpoise peaks. He, Keith Euler

Interview with 85-year-old York lobsterman Lawrence "Cap" Seavey., M Hapgood and D Shultis

Three articles on Monty Washburn, Yankee humor, and homemade contraptions, inclu, Kevin Harnden

Colonel George Martin has been running old-time Yankee auctions for over a quart, Anne Harrison, Pat Shrader, and Tim Good

Profile of Mary Turner, 72, and her West Peru farm. She tells stories about her, James Jannetti and Jeff Bonney

Dick Wallingform of West Forks has been involved in the growing sport of horse p, Jeremy Jasper

Alice Gibson was the Kennebunks District public health nurse from 1923 to 1963., Ruth Kadra

Mrs. Joseph Sullivan of York learned to make soap as a child in Abruzzi, Italy,, Lorraine Kinsbury and Erin Campbell

The teenage authors describe a typical day at Dianne McLaughlin's grandfather's, Dianne McLaughlin, Cindy Davis, and Kathy Ramsdale

A Micmac woodsman tells some of his favorite tall tales. Topics include fantast, John Nest

Harvey Bixby of Cape Porpoise is a skilled stone wall maker. He explains how to, Mark Serreze

Mrs. Marion Webber of Kennebunk explains how to make sea moss pudding, or blanc, Suellen Simpson

Three related articles on the manufacture of potato baskets and barrels in Aroos, Laurie Smith, Jason Wheeler, Debbie Mountain, Debbie Twombley, Suellen Simpson, and Margaret Welch

Profiles of the Aroostook County towns of New Sweden and Stockholm. Topics cover, Bev Sodergren, Carol Sodergren, Karen Soderberg, and Debbie Ziegler

Retired potato farmer Cluny McPherson of Presque Isle has collected an enormous, Tanya Solomon and Parise White

For 60 years, the Waterman family has run the only store on North Haven, 12 mile, Tim Waterman, Kim Stone, and Debbie Waterman

Grover Morrison began his logging career as a Chesuncook Lake river driver in 19, Terry Whitney, Mike Stinson, and Rachael Crocker

Submissions from 1975

Monty Washburn of Kittery Point teaches how to make a flintlock rifle. Diagrams, Laurie Astrowsky and Mark Emerson

Profile of Arthur Fretwell, who has been making electrically lighted wooden mode, Herbert Baum III

Alberta Redmond of Cape Porpoise describes her childhood Christmases., Erin Campbell

The Perkins family has owned Kennebunkport's Perkins Tide-Mill, now called The O, Erin Campbell, Lorraine Kinsbury, and Steve Bragdon

In 1906, Pericles Economos came to Biddeford from Greece with $3.85 in his pocke, Kelly Emery, Mark Emerson, and Steve Bragdon

Logger Walter York of Caratunk teaches how to fill snowshoe bows with neoprene h, Anne Gorham and Anne Pierter

Stacy Wentworth of Arundel and his friends show how a barn is raised. Details; p, Anne Gorham, Anne Pierter, and Mark Emerson

Bottle collector Ted Towne of Kennebunk tells some of the history of bottle-maki, Paul Jackson

A Micmac Indian guide tells of an apocryphal woods creature, the Side Hill Gouge, John Nest

"Letters to Salt." Reader notes that the Gooch family, not the Harding family,, Mike Severance

Russell Kennedy of The Forks is a bear trapper, river driver, and bean-hole-bean, Suellen Simpson and Margaret Welch

Willis Gowen started working at Fiske's Drug Store in Kennebunk in 1920. On Nov, Elizabeth Tanner

In 1702, Stephen Harding built a garrison house near the Kennebunk River on what, Timm White and Mark Ruest

Three related articles about the logging country around The Forks and West Forks, Pamela Holley Wood, Fran Ober, and Anne Pierter

Submissions from 1974

Profile of apple cider maker Bruce Gile. Years ago, every farmer in New England, Mark Baker and Mark Ruest

Profile of the shrimp boat Captain Jim and its operators, Dave Burnham and Herbe, Herbert Baum III

Very few lobster boats brave the winter weather, but the De-Dee-Mae and her capt, Herbert Baum III, Margo Brackley, Kristy Bunnell, and Seth Hanson

Profile of Kennebunkport lobsterman Stilly Griffin. He has been lobstering for, Herbert Baum III, Kristy Bunnell, and Anne Gorham

On December 26, 1933, fisherman Ben Wakefield was at sea off Boon Island when he, Maureen Campbell and Laurie Smith

Lengthy, detailed profile of West Kennebunk farmer Reid Chapman, 80, and his cro, Ernest Eaton, Seth Hanson, and Roger McPhetres

Monty Washburn of Kittery Point demonstrates how to catch wild honeybees using b, Mark Emerson, Ann Bernier, and Sean Riley

Profile of twins Ethel and Edie Furbish, both 86, of Kennebunk. They recall the, Anne Gorham and Sherri Jones

Of Arundel's 325 voters, 130 came to the last town meeting to practice some old-, Valerie Gould, Anne Pierter, and Seth Hanson

Animal-farm owner Helen Perley claims to be an unbeatable champion clam-digger., Val Gould and Elizabeth Tanner

Stanley Brown started delivering mail by horse and wagon to the Kennebunk area i, Betty Houston and Seth Hanson

Mrs. Cecil Benson recalls growing up in Kennebunkport and the cold of Maine wint, Lodie Jeglosky

Bob Currier of Kennebunk tells the history of Blueberry Hill's haunted house and, Lynne Littlefield and Lyman Page

Bert Hanscom, born in Kennebunk in 1901, tells tales of his childhood, Maine win, Kim Lovejoy

Detailed profile of Clifford Jackson and his Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk. Snug, Kim Lovejoy

Profile of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kingsbury, who began travelling from New York C, Kim Lovejoy

Arden Davis collects sea moss, raking and drying it at his Kennebunkport home., Kim Lovejoy and Mary White

Profiles of long-time smelt fishermen Bert Graves and Harvey Bixby of Kennebunk., Roxanne Mailing, Wendy Vail, and Mark Emerson

Avard Cole has been trapping fox, beaver, and otter in Wells and the Berwicks hi, Roger McPhetres, Mark Emerson, and Ernest Eaton

Profile of Micmac Indian stonemason Willie Grendell and the spectacularly colore, John E. Nest and Seth Hanson

Kenneth Hutchins is one of the last Kennebunkport natives to have fished off sai, Fran Ober

Eleanor Nadeau teaches how to make cottage cheese the old-fashioned way., Fran Ober and Anne Gorham

Kennebunkport lobsterman Albert Hutchins explains how to knit a lobster trap hea, Fran Ober and Carl Young

Bob Bartlett recalls when U.S. Route 1 was so bad that drivers could get stuck i, Lyman Page

Maine barns, often connected to houses with doors or tunnels to allow farmers to, Lyman Page

Ava Ross explains the lost art of charcoal-making. Her husband and father-in-la, Anne Pierter

The author, a bait girl on Dan Wentworth's lobster boat, describes the lobsterin, Anne Pierter

Although dowsing for water seems like witchcraft, five dowsers interviewed in th, Linda Rivard, Debbie Pike, and Elizabeth Hamilton

The Wildwood Chapel was built in the remote Wildes District in 1910. By 1935, t, Erica Shorey, Karen Shuffleburg, and Carl Young

Article describes 32 old-time cures and remedies still in use for everything fro, Laurie Smith and Anne Pierter

Kennebunkport lobsterman Stilly Griffin explains how to build a lobster trap. P, Elizabeth Tanner

Profile of William Whorf of Kennebunk. Whorf repairs and restores ship models., Martha Truscott, Maggie Wood, and Seth Hanson

Lyman Rutledge of Kittery Point is the author of several books on the Isles of S, Timm White

"Sampling Salt." Dedication page describing the purpose of the newly-formed Sal, Pamela Holley Wood

Ken Campbell explains how to caulk a boat. Tools and techniques are explained i, Carl Young