Submissions from 1988

In 1755 8,000 French Acadians in Nova Scotia were deported across Canada and Ame, Catherine Hamilton and Monte Paulsen

Profile of Bonny Eagle High School special education student Kristin Myers. Myer, Tonee Harbert

Since the eighteenth century, when it was part of William Bingham's 3,000,000-ac, Jeff Herbst

Essay, profiles, and photo-essay of the Maine Mall and one day's occupants. Focu, George Lewis, Brett Jenks, Amy Schnerr, Lou Brown, Amy Rawe, Julie Maurer, and Peter Lancia

Profile of Bill and Debbie Michaud and their Outsiders' Inn in Friendship., Elline Lipkin

The Colony Inn in Kennebunk is one of the last great summer hotels. Although its, Nancy Segal and Ken Kobre

Profile of northwest Cumberland County social worker Maurice Geoffroy and his cl, Fox Vernon and Pam Berry

Poor people in Maine do not fit national stereotypes. The fastest growing group, Pamela Holley Wood

Profile of the late John Foster, written during his lifetime. Foster served as, Pamela Holley Wood

Submissions from 1987

Adverstisement describing the Salt Center for Field Studies in detail.

"Guide to Maine eating." Profiles of offbeat restaurants throughout the state,

"View from Pier Road." Brief profile of the attempts of some of Bangor business

"View from Pier Road." Down-East-style story about Salt photographers themselve

"View from Pier Road." Portland's Anthoensen Press, founded in 1875, gives up l

"View from Pier Road." Short essay condemning the new "Vacationland" license pl

"View from Pier Road." Striking similarity between a drawing of herring smoking

"View from Pier Road." Two anecdotes about the gentrification of Portland: one

Custom House Wharf in Portland remains a working pier for fishermen, fishcutters, Pam Berry and Peter Millard

Story describes the author's first experience as a volunteer firefighter on the, Thomas Bradbury

Profile of Portland's Munjoy Hill, a neighborhood of little stores, slums, and g, Bonnie Bragdon

Profile of Al Buzzell and the Gulf of Maine Fisheries ice making and fish packin, Mark Thomas Childs

Three articles on being young in Maine. Teenagers profiled are hitchhikers in Y, Stephen Donahue, Nancy Shannon Jesser, and M K. Lewis

Bert and Maggie McBurnie are the only year-round residents of Chesuncook, in the, Stephen Donahue and Lynn Kippax Jr

Ken Doane of Kennebunk always wanted to be a lobsterman, but at age 17 juvenile, Patricia Dugan and Christiana Fachin

This year, 2,500 to 3,500 Mainers will experience at least a night of homelessne, Maria Hazen and Monte Paulsen

Maine's 17 million acres of woods make it the most heavily forested state in Ame, Nancy Shannon Jesser and Lynn Kippax Jr

Parsonsfield town health officer Carol Kuhn writes of her experiences as a physi, Carol Kuhn

Twelve related articles, photo essays, and sociological essays about Maine touri, Peter I. Rose, Sherine Adeli, Jeff Herbst, Peter Millard, Stephen Dinsmore, Kate Skorpen, and George C. Carey

Lengthy article that follows United Parcel Service driver Lee Hutchins on his ro, Camille Sturdivant and Darlene St John

Sociological essay about the myth or reality of "real Mainers." Related stories, Pamela Holley Wood

Submissions from 1986

"View from Pier Road." Essays on the curiosity of out-of-staters about what Mai

"View from Pier Road." Readers respond to previous issue's article about confli

"View from Pier Road." Writer John McPhee speaks with Salt students on his life

Essay memorializing "Tad" Sterling Dow of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust a, Thomas Bradbury

The vast growth in mussel harvesting outpaced lobstering by an astounding 1.3 mi, George Carey and Lynn Kippax Jr

Profile of Francis O'Brien, northern New England's undisputed dean of antiquaria, Sarah Collins and Mary Anne Hanlon

The McCurdy Fish Company in Lubec is the last of the herring smokehouses that on, Hugh T. French

In 1949, there were 676 one-room schoolhouses in Maine. Today only ten remain,, Lynne Hallee and Lynn Kippax Jr

First of a two partseries of stories told by storyteller "Crazy" Avery Kelly. T, Jill Harvey

Part II of a series of stories told by "Crazy" Avery Kelly of Beal's Island. De, Jill Harvey

Dysart's Truckstop Restaurant, just south of Bangor on Insterstate 95, is a 24-h, Traci Timlin and Ken Kobre

Photo-essay and editorial on the April 5, 1986, public hearing about siting a nu, Pamela Holley Wood and Lynn Kippax Jr

Submissions from 1985

"Short takes" piece on Ilsa Passetschnik of Richmond, who was profiled in a sum

"Short takes"piece on Mainers' comments on the Great Northern Paper Company's pr

"Short takes" profile of Alberta Redmond, 100, of Cape Porpoise. Follow up to

Essay on the author's battered television set, which receives only Channel Six,, Thomas Bradbury

Essay speculating on the origins of the term "Indian summer" and on the importan, Thomas Bradbury

Gladys Hutchins McLean has waitressed the Shawmut Inn resort hotel north of Kenn, Heather Coryell

Profile of Franco-American singer and musician Toots Bouthot of Biddeford, frequ, Dana Frederic Gillian

Profile of Cape Porpoise fisherman Casey Stender. His boat, the Petra Anne, is, Martha McNey

Profile of Jenny Cirone, who keeps a flock of 250 sheep on Little Nash, Big Nash, Terri Selfa, Hugh T. French, and Lynn Kippax Jr.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, dikes were used to stabiliz, David C. Smith

There are forty-eighte chapters of quilt-makers across the state of Maine. Altho, Mary Thorsby

1985 was a bumper crop for Maine's wild blueberry barrens. Market forces will d, Pamela Holley Wood and Lynn Kippax Jr

Essay on being a local in a resort town, and on practical jokes played on touris, Pamela Holley Wood and Susan Lauttman

Submissions from 1984

Story of John Chaisson, the author, taking his first trip at age nine into the, John E. Chaisson

Profile of John Gaskill, 92, of Portland. He comments on growing up black and h, Rosy Elliott and Lynn Kippax Jr

Detailed profiles of five immigrants: Suzuko Hiraoka Laplante, the only Japanese, Clea French, Pamela Holley Wood, Hugh T French, Tim Rice, Gretchen Batz, and Lisa Palas

Essay memorializing Otto "Junior" Miller, founder of the Marine Trades Center sc, Hugh T. French

The Maine Shaker community at Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester dates to 1783, w, Rebecca Sheble and Scott Vlaun

Essay on growing up black in Augusta. The author's mother came to Augusta from, Geneva McAuley Sherrer

Profile of Fitzhenry's Store in remote Washington County, and of its owner, Fred, Pamela Holley Wood and Lynn Kippax Jr

Submissions from 1983

This issue of Salt is a 150-page history of Eastport, focusing on its sardine fa

At 97, Alberta Redmond has singlehandedly kept Cape Porpoise's American Legion A, Dana Lynn Boucher and Stephen O. Muskie

Captain Silas Pinkham's lumber barn, converted in 1909 into the Cape Porpoise in, Thomas Bradbury

Comments and reflections on the fourteen islands in Cape Porpoise Harbor. The co, Karen Gelardi

Three generations of Penobscots on Indian Island comment on the three most impor, William Ibelle

Tower clocks in Maine typically date to the 1880s. Five are in the Kennebunk ar, Robert C. Warner

Submissions from 1982

Draper Liscomb, 66, of Mount Desert Island, sees his struggle to survive on coas, Bethany Aranow

Profile of master plasterer Maurice Gordon of Kennebunkport. Details, technique, Bethany Aranow and Lynn Kippax Jr

Clarence Roberts, son of a slave, is an eloquent spokesman for the elderly of th, Roger Champagne and Stephen O. Muskie

The present-day Criterion Theater in Bar Harbor was opened in 1932 by George P., Peter Cooper

Potters Lou and Bob Lipkin explain their craft in their Kennebunkport studio., Tracy Pinkham and Mark Emerson

Evelyn Turner, 73, of Swan's Island, has lived a hard life, raising her children, Pamela Wood

Submissions from 1980

Profile of taxicab driver Sam Miller, or Sam the Minstrel Man, of Portsmouth, NH, Ron Burr

Cecil Kelley, 79, tells stories -- some slightly exaggerated -- of seafaring, lo, Andrea Downs, Cynthia Pinkham, and Lynn Kippax

Profile of Bertha Guerin, who moved to Maine from Roxton Falls, Quebec, in 1902., Barbara Julien, Nona Coyne, and Michael Griffin

As his father did for him, John Leach teaches his own son, Jake, to dig for clam, Lynn Kippax Jr

Profile of fly fisherman Harvey Bixby of Cape Porpoise. Bixby explains his equi, Sharon Lamontagne and Katie LeProhon

Helen Mewer Perley cares for animals ranging from skunks to pheasants at her Sca, Sheryl Lane

In 1807, the schooner Charles wrecked off Richmond's Island, near Cape Elizabeth, Dorothy O'Keefe

Boatbuilder Tim Dowling teaches lofting and mold making to students at Salt boat, Dorothy O'Keefe and Lynn Kippax Jr

Profile of the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Biddeford, and of how its, Dorothy O'Keefe and Lynn Kippax Jr

When instinct drives the alewife upriver to spawn, visions of a good time and si, Dorothy O'Keefe and Stephen O. Muskie

Essay and photoessay memorializing Reid Chapman, Herb Baum, Old Doc Taylor, and, Pamela Holley Wood

Submissions from 1979

Maggie Griffin, Betty Hammond, Dot Ridlon, and Debbie Gott describe the life of

Emelia Wallace of Wells explains the art, craft, and hobby of stencilling. She l, E J. Blake and Julien LeSieur

Winson Morrill of South Hamilton, Massachusetts, has built about four thousand s, E J. Blake, Pamela Wood, and Lynn Kippax

Freddie Jones of York Beach practices the ancient craft of metal spinning, jobbi, Janice Coyne

Profile of lobsterman Sam Polk, 89, who says he has fished every harbor between, Andrea Downs, Cindy Pinkham, and Lynn Kippax

Cape Porpoise and Kennebunkport area fishermen comment on the superstitions they, Mark Emerson and Greg Violette

Three related articles on the Penobscots of Indian Island. Members profiled inc, Sheryl Lane, Pamela Wood, and Lynn Kippax

In October 1947, almost sixty fires broke out over the entire state of Maine and, Dorothy O'Keefe

For Ralph Stanley, boatbuilding has just come naturally after a lifetime in boat, Dorothy O'Keefe, Julian LeSieur, Sheryl Lane, and Lynn Kippax Jr.

Senabeh Francis, the medicine man and spiritual leader of the Penobscot Indians,, Pamela Holley Wood and Mark Emerson

Submissions from 1978

Profiles of ferryboat captain Dick Holmes and fishermen Carlton Joyce and Levi M, Herbert Baum III, Sheryl Lane, and Robin E McGahey

Joseph Leo Thibeau, maintenance supervisor of Kennebunk's Naragansett Hotel, exp, E J. Blake

Payson Huff was 75 years old when he started making cod liver oil in his Cape Po, Sharon Chrisman

Despite the tourist business all around it, the Maine Diner in Wells stays close, Abby Dubay, Thom Truman, and Mark Mayo

George and Roy Cole of East Kingston, New Hampshire, explain how to fell a giant, Suzanne Emery and Greg Violette