Down East magazine, has been publishing since August 1954, and continues as one of Maine's most prominent monthly magazines. Their web site's history page provides the following description:

"The goal of Down East has always been to hold a mirror up to Maine — its storied past and lively present — and to celebrate its flinty, independent character and unhurried way of life. As Maine has changed with the times, however, so has Down East. Today the state has come to embrace its future as well as its past. Accordingly, the magazine now focuses more on contemporary Maine life and what the future might bring and less on historical background and quaint rusticity. Booming circulation and advertising gains demonstrate the wisdom of this editorial shift."

Portland Public Library's collection of Down East is complete, and begins with the first issue, August 1954. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2019

Art: In the Moment, Will Grunewald

Cookbook: Bisquey Move, Will Grunewald

Dining: The Mountain Room, Joe Ricchio

Figure Study, Erin Stewart Brown and Erin Little Photographer

Food and Drink; Spirits: Still Life, Joel Crabtree

Good Things From Maine; Craft; Glass Act, Molly Haley Photographer and Jesse Ellison

Maine Dispatches

Maine Homes; Antiques Roadshow, Sarah Stebbins

Maine Homes; House Tour; Cold Comfort, Meadow Rue Merrill Photographer

Maker: Tooling Around, Tina Fischer

My Favorite Place: Water Cove, Phippsburg, Benjamin Williamson Photographer

North By East; The Maine Woods: Last Stand, Philip Kiefer

Outdoors; Twilight of the Diehards: Baxter State Park retires an age-old and way cold tradition, Brian Kevin

Room With a View; The Chicken Shed, Susan Hand Shetterly

Snow Reservations, Will Grunewald and Jennifer Hazard

Wares: Talking Heads, Virginia M. Wright

Submissions from 2018


2018 Down East Reader Photo Contest

Acadia National Park; A Peak Survival Guide: In midsummer, Maine's marquee national park is at its best- and, unignorably, its busiest. From town to trail, here's how to avoid the crowds, find the park's secret gems, and maker your Acadia adventure unforgettable, James Kaiser and Chris Bennett Photographer

Artist in Wilderland, Brian Kevin and KDB Dominguez

Art Spots, Tina Fischer, Carl Little, Brian Kevin, and Erwin Sherman Illustrator

A Town in Between, Joyce Kryszak and Adam Woodworth

A Vintage Down East Winter, Brian Kevin

A Whole Other Kettle, Carla Jean Lauter

A York County Autumn: From Farms to Footpaths, Five Ways to Love the Fall in Maine's Scenic South, Bridget M. Burns and Douglas Merriam Photographer

Barn Swallows: Some of Maine's liveliest spots for dinner and drinks these days are down on the farm and for some Maine farmers, the gastronomic "barn social" is a key part of a new agrarian model, Willy Blackmore and Molly Haley

Best of Maine: Thousands of down East Readers Took Our Annual Poll To Tell Us What They Love Most In Maine-- From Landmarks to Lobster Shacks to Libraries. Then We Chimed in With a Few Picks of Our Own. So How'd Your Favorites Do?, Kathleen Fleury, Will Grunewald, Brian Kevin, Joe Ricchio, Sarah Stebbins, and Virginia M. Wright

Business; Blueberry Blues: Growers leave fields unharvested as they confront plummeting prices and a glut of frozen berries, Joyce Kryszak

Conservation; Eagle Freaks: The resurgence of Maine's Bald Eagles population is one of the state's most impressive ecological comeback stories. Ron Joseph remembers the big personalities and unorthodox methods that made it work, Ron Joseph

Deep Space, Benjamin Williamson Illustrator and Brian Kevin

Dooryard; Dirigo-Getter

Dooryard; Home; Living Longer; Architect Eric Reinholdt updates an ancient house style for a difficult building lot and a tight budget, Virginia M. Wright and Meredith Perdue Photographer

Dooryard; Making It In Maine; Forging a Head: Bit by bit, South Portland's Brant & Cochran is bring back the Maine ax., Jaed Coffin and John Benford

Dooryard; Making It In Maine; Working Like Dogs: With social and environmental responsibility as a compass, Planet Dog aims to lead the pack into a dog-friendlier world, Virginia M. Wright and Cait Bourgault Photographer

Dooryard; My Maine; Oh, to Live on Cheddar Bay, Sarah Cahalan

Dooryard; Nostalgia Hunting

Dooryard; Recipe; Rise and Shine; While away the most undemanding holiday of the year by baking bread, Annemarie Ahearn

Dooryard; Room With a View, Franklin Burroughs

Essay; Dawnland, Porter Fox

Favorite Places; Back Nine, Falmouth Country Club, Shawn Warren and Benajmin Williamson Photographer

Food and Drink; Alley Eats; Bowled Over, Joe Ricchio

Food and Drink; Brewing; Home Boys, Joel Crabtree and Mark McCall Photographer

Food and Drink; Charcuterie; The Cure, Will Grunewald

Food and Drink; Dining; Ada's Kitchen, Joe Ricchio

Food and Drink; Dining; Drifters Wife, Joe Ricchio

Food and Drink; Dining; Izakaya Minato, Joe Ricchio and Douglas Merriam Photographer

Food and Drink; Dining; Norther Maine Brewing Company: High-tech brewing and creative cooking generate a buzz at Aroostook County's only brewpub, Joe Ricchio

Food and Drink; Dining; Novio's, Joe Ricchio

Food and Drink; Dining; Pearl Kennebunk, Joe Ricchio and Stacey Cramp Photographer

Food and Drink; Dining; Taverna Khione, Joe Ricchio