Down East magazine, has been publishing since August 1954, and continues as one of Maine's most prominent monthly magazines. Their web site's history page provides the following description:

"The goal of Down East has always been to hold a mirror up to Maine — its storied past and lively present — and to celebrate its flinty, independent character and unhurried way of life. As Maine has changed with the times, however, so has Down East. Today the state has come to embrace its future as well as its past. Accordingly, the magazine now focuses more on contemporary Maine life and what the future might bring and less on historical background and quaint rusticity. Booming circulation and advertising gains demonstrate the wisdom of this editorial shift."

Portland Public Library's collection of Down East is complete, and begins with the first issue, August 1954. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2020

Old Home Place, David Howard

Our Cheese Culture, V. M. W.

Our Favorite (Loud) Maine Sounds, B. K.

Out of the Classroom, Onto the Front Line

Panel Discussion, Sara Anne Donnelly

Path Breaker, Jesse Ellison

Portland Lives Up to the Hype, B. K.

Pour Farmers, Will Grunewald

Pour One Out, Joe Ricchio

Pre-Digital Connectivity, Michael Burke

Rick Charette's Greatest Hits, Joel Crabtree

Rockport Has a Lot of Views, Virginia M. Wright

Room with a View: A Sense of Time, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Farewell My Lovelies!, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Home on the Range, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Interesting Times, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Little Moose Island, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room With a View: Ode to an Apple Tree, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Singing in the Half-Light, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: The First Years, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Wonderful Things, Susan Hand Shetterly

Roots Run Deep, Rachel Slade

Royal Tannenbaums, Jesse Ellison

Second Helpings, Jesse Ellison

Segment One, Brian Kevin and Pamola Creative photographers

Seguinland, Anne Witty

Shoptalk: Blade Runners, Sara Anne Donnelly

Simply Gourd-geous, W. G.

Snack to the Future, Joel Crabtree

Stalking the Antlered Lamp, Virginia M. Wright

The 34 Beer Taps at Novare Res Bier Café, W. G.

The A-Frames of Route 27, B. K.

The Big Three, W. G.

The Blaze-Orange Beanie, Brian Kevin

The Cutting Edge, Andrew C. Miller

The Gawler Family, B. K.

The Great Maine Scavenger Hunt (2020), Alexandra Hall

The Joy of Flax, Virginia M. Wright

There and Back Again, W. G.

"There's Just Something Here That Gives Us This Sense of Identity", Brian Kevin, interviewer and Kathryn Olmstead

The Return of the King?, Ted Williams

The Sam Hayward Ripple Effect, Michaela Cavallaro

The Scent of the Coast, Jennifer Lynn Craig

The Way Life Was

Timelines: A Governor Tries to Steal an Election, Brian Kevin

Timelines: June 1934, Elizabeth Arden Invents the Destination Spa, Susan Geib

Timelines: Lafayette National Park Becomes Acadia, Brian Kevin

Timelines: Maine Gets Its Northern Crown, Will Grunewald

Timelines: Maine Launches the Last Five-Masted Schooner, David Shribman

Timelines: Percival Baxter Has a Mountaintop Epiphany, Andrew Vietze