Down East magazine, has been publishing since August 1954, and continues as one of Maine's most prominent monthly magazines. Their web site's history page provides the following description:

"The goal of Down East has always been to hold a mirror up to Maine — its storied past and lively present — and to celebrate its flinty, independent character and unhurried way of life. As Maine has changed with the times, however, so has Down East. Today the state has come to embrace its future as well as its past. Accordingly, the magazine now focuses more on contemporary Maine life and what the future might bring and less on historical background and quaint rusticity. Booming circulation and advertising gains demonstrate the wisdom of this editorial shift."

Portland Public Library's collection of Down East is complete, and begins with the first issue, August 1954. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2020

100 Books Every Lover of Maine Should Read, Down East staff writers

200 Reasons to Love Maine, Down East staff writers

2020 in the Bag, S. S.

All of the Bald Mountains, Virginia M. Wright

All the Edible Parts of a Lobster, Virginia M. Wright

A Very General Store, Joyce Kryzak

A Well-Dug Bean Hole, W. G.

Back, Unexpectedly, to the Land, Buzz Poole

Best of Maine, Down East staff writers

Best Places to Camp, Down East staff writers

Best Places to Live, Down East staff writers

Birds of a Feather, W. G.

Braaap-ers' Delight, Mitch Breton

Bring Back the Christmas Goose!, Brian Kevin

Century Notes, Susan Sharon, Patty Wight, and Robbie Feinberg

C is for Cookie (And Cookie is for Sea), Kate McCarty

Comeback Story: The Rising, Kate McCarty

Come on Veggies, Light my Fire, W. G.

Conspicuous Manifestations of Maine Pride, B. K.

Covered Bridges, Joel Crabtree

Creetons and Poutine and Ployes, Oh, Mon Dieux!, Joel Crabtree

Crossover Cooking, Kate McCarty

Dawnland Dispatches, Will Grunewald and Brian Kevin

Die Hard, V. M. W.

Dining: Local Joint, Brian Kevin

Dining: Ski In, Eat Out, Will Grunewald

Dining: White Barn Inn Restaurant, Will Grunewald

Eat Outside: 33 Beautiful Places to Feast in the Fresh Maine Air, Will Grunewald

Filter Bubble, Sarah Stebbins

Food and Drink: A Communal Table, Will Grunewald

Food and Drink: BuffaLove, Katy Kelleher

Food and Drink: Dining: Takin' It to the Streets, Joe Ricchio

Food and Drink: Flour to the People, Will Grunewald

Food and Drink: Griddle Me This, Will Grunewald

Food and Drink: Picking up Steam?, Amber Kapiloff

Food and Drink: Seafood: Shell Game, Joel Crabtree

Food and Drink: Silver-Lining Services, Will Grunewald

Frozen Assets, Emmeline Willey

Garden: A Slice of Country, Aurelia C. Scott

Get Thee to a Nunnery?, Brian Kevin

Gingerbread Man, Sara Anne Donnelly

Going Up to Camp, Franklin Burroughs

Good Material, S. S.

Good Things From Maine: Fashion Statements, Amy Sutherland

Good Things from Maine: Iron Man, Virginia M. Wright

Good Things from Maine: Knotty and Nice, Sarah Stebbins

Good Things from Maine: Put a Lid on It, Sara Anne Donnelly

Good Things from Maine: Reviving a Lost Art, Melissa Lizotte

Good Things From Maine: Shoptalk: It's a Cover Up, Rachel Slade

Good Things From Maine: Shore Thing, Sara Anne Donnelly