Down East magazine, has been publishing since August 1954, and continues as one of Maine's most prominent monthly magazines. Their web site's history page provides the following description:

"The goal of Down East has always been to hold a mirror up to Maine — its storied past and lively present — and to celebrate its flinty, independent character and unhurried way of life. As Maine has changed with the times, however, so has Down East. Today the state has come to embrace its future as well as its past. Accordingly, the magazine now focuses more on contemporary Maine life and what the future might bring and less on historical background and quaint rusticity. Booming circulation and advertising gains demonstrate the wisdom of this editorial shift."

Portland Public Library's collection of Down East is complete, and begins with the first issue, August 1954. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2018

Good Things From Maine; Ware; A Better-Built Bag, Virginia M. Wright

Good Things From Maine; Ware; Oyster Bed?

Good Things From Maine; Wares; How to Tie Flies with Style, Virginia M. Wright

Good Things From Maine; Wares; Merry Christmoose!, Virginia M. Wright

Good Things From Maine; Wares; Sweet Pea

Good Things From Maine; Wares; That's the Spirit, Caitlin Gilmet

Guide; Dining; Neighborhood: Belfast, Joe Ricchio and Molly Haley Photographer

Guide: Dining; Riverside Lodge & Sauna: Paris, Joe Ricchio and Michael D. Wilson Photographer

Guide; Film;Such Strange Eyes: In our era of binging on full season of hour-long television shows, tackling an eight-episode short-form series should be a piece of cake. Right?, Joel Crabtree

Guide; Music; Battle of the Batons: Who's who in the search for a new lead conductor of the PSO?, Will Grunewald

Guide; Swig of the Month; Green Bee: Blueberry Dream

Guide; Swig of the Month; Saco River Brewing

Guide; Theater; Sneak Peek

Holiday Calendar

How Allagash White Conquered the World, Will Grunewald and Pablo Iglesias Illustrator

How (And Why) To Persevere: Homespun entrepreneurship is as Maine as Maple Syrup. But when your're making a living off the land, contentment comes in cycles., Carrie Braman

How to Beat Back Homesickness (One Lunch at a Time): When you're feeling displaced, a little social ritual goes a long way, Marco Aviles

How to Date (And Not Lose Hope): There are no more singles in your area! Try again later, Jesse Ellison

How to Get Real About Money: On adjusting to a life lived closer to the bone (and to neighbors who aren't shy about discussing it)., Jillian Bedell

How to Have a Baby on n Island ( Even a Landlocked One): A lot of pregnant women feel a little at sea. Some of them actually are., Laura Serino

How to Know Everyone in the Refrigerated Aisle: Because anonymity is overrated, Mary Pols

How to Learn to Love the Hustle: When living your Maine dream means working four jobs, you can get discouraged or you can get to work. And you might learn something about yourself, Irene Yadao

How to Make Sense of a Maine Home, Hannah Holmes

How to Pull Off a Creative Career From a Town With Five Stoplights, Ryan Spose Peters

How to Survive Winter- With a little help from your neighbors: A breakdown on a lonely road, right falling, temps dropping, nothing a little goodwill can't handle, Johanna S. Billings

In Memoriam: Barbara Bush, of Walker's Point, 1925-2018, Donald R. Winslow and David Valdez Photographer

Is This Man a Victim?: Maine adopted Kenyan runner Moninda Marube as a symbol of human trafficking's invisible casualties, but a close look at his case raises hard questions--and illustrates the challenge of investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes, Kathryn Miles and Tristan Spinski Photographer

Learn the Fern: What does a veteran forager know about Maine's iconic fiddleheads that you don't Curl up with Michael's Burke's tale of a tagalong day in the field, Douglas Merriam Photographer

Letters from Adult Summer Camp, Brian Kevin

Lobstering; A Breaking Wave, Virginia M. Wright

Maine Dispatches

Maine Dispatches

Maine Dispatches

Maine Dispatches

Maine Homes; Antiques Roadshow, Sarah Stebbins

Maine Homes; Antiques Roadshow; Faux Tomahawks! Makeshift Cmmodes!, Sarah Stebbins

Maine Homes; Backyard Policy; Granny Flat Redux: Accessory dwelling units aren't just for your mother-in-law anymore, Sara Anne Donnelly

Maine Homes; Crafty; Teacher's Pet Projects, Jillian Bedell

Maine Homes; Festivities; Victorian Times Three

Maine Homes; Finds; Market Conditions, Sarah Stebbins

Maine Homes; Garden; Bees and Butterflies, Virginia M. Wright and Jason P. Smith Photographer

Maine Homes; Garden; Growing Together, Virginia M. Wright and Douglas Merriam Photographer

Maine Homes; Garden; Shady Lady, Virginia M. Wright and Kathleen Clemons Photographer

Maine Homes; Garden; Trash to Treasure, Virginia M. Wright and Molly Haley Photographer

Maine Homes; Glampin; Fancy-Pants Camps, Virginia M. Wright

Maine Homes; Home Building; Special Delivery, Virginia M. Wright

Maine Homes; House Tour; All in Good Fun, Sara Anne Donnelly

Maine Homes; House Tour; Greenhouse Effect, Lorry Fleming and Cait Bourgault

Maine Homes; House Tour; Home Depot, Sarah Anne Donnelly and Trent Bell Photographer

Maine Homes; House Tour; Modern Cabin, Deep Roots, Virginia M. Wright