Down East magazine, has been publishing since August 1954, and continues as one of Maine's most prominent monthly magazines. Their web site's history page provides the following description:

"The goal of Down East has always been to hold a mirror up to Maine — its storied past and lively present — and to celebrate its flinty, independent character and unhurried way of life. As Maine has changed with the times, however, so has Down East. Today the state has come to embrace its future as well as its past. Accordingly, the magazine now focuses more on contemporary Maine life and what the future might bring and less on historical background and quaint rusticity. Booming circulation and advertising gains demonstrate the wisdom of this editorial shift."

Portland Public Library's collection of Down East is complete, and begins with the first issue, August 1954. The hard copies are available in the Portland Room.


Submissions from 2019

Offshore, Gabe Souza, photographer

Once More Across the Lake, Jennifer Finney Boylan and Michael D. Wilson, photographer

Our Cups Runneth Over, Kate McCarty

Outdoors; Twilight of the Diehards: Baxter State Park retires an age-old and way cold tradition, Brian Kevin

Painted into a Corner, Edgar Allen Beem

Peak Season, Chris Bennett, Andrew Drummond, Chris Shane, and Jamie Walter

Portraits of Courage, Rogier van Bakel

Premium Channels, Minibar, In-Room Poetry, Joel Crabtree

Ramble On, Genevieve Morgan

RIP, Portland Phoenix, 1999-2019, The Editors

Room with a View: A Book is a Sneeze, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: A Gift of Birds, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a view: a winter garden, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Going to See the Ducks, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Leaving the Land, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: North Bend Road, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Paddling Together, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: Spring Rain, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: The Beautiful Bones, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room With a View; The Chicken Shed, Susan Hand Shetterly

Room with a View: To Catch the Morning Sun, Susan Hand Shetterly

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Katy Kelleher and Ian Rothwell, illustrator

Slippery Business, Willy Blackmore

Small Farms, Big Ideas, W. G.

Snow Farm, Jaed Coffin

Snow Reservations, Will Grunewald and Jennifer Hazard

Soak it Up, The Editors

Taking It to the Streets, J. C.

Tales of the Hunt, The Editors

Taste Buds, Will Grunewald

The 35 Maine-iest Foods, Mark Fleming, photographer; Catrine Kelty, food stylist; and The Editors

Theater: Knight Moves, Will Grunewald

The Cruise Ships Are Coming, Will Grunewald, Joel Crabtree, and Joyce Kryszak

The Feel-Good Film Geek of the Year, Joel Crabtree

The Goodly River, Tristan Spinski

The Great Maine Scavenger Hunt (2019), Joel Crabtree, Brian Kevin, Kendra Caruso, Jennifer Van Allen, and Virginia M. Wright

The Hoot, Will Grunewald

The Kids are Alright, Jillian Bedell

The Long Haul, Suzanne Rico

The Miller's Table at Maine Grains, Malcolm Bedell

The Monson Experiment, Amy Sutherland

The Sound of Silence, Leah Hurley

The Sportsman's Alliances, Murray Carpenter

The Surry Forest, Susan Hand Shetterly

This Cape Porpoise Fish Hounse Is An Icon. But of What, Exactly?: Beauty, Authenticity, and Community in the Age of Instagram, Brian Kevin and Benjamin Williamson, photographer

This Cider House Rules!, Willy Blackmore

Tough Spudder, J. C.

Tower of Dour, B. K.

Trailblazing, Will Grunewald

Treasure This, Tina Fischer