Island Journal (1984-present) The Maine Island Institute's annual publication of island life has been its keynote publication since 1984, when the first issue arrived in members' mailboxes and was available for purchase. Since then, it has become perhaps the most valued benefit of Island Institute membership, with its stories, poetry, photographs and articles about the myriad facets of "islandness" found here inot only here in Maine but also on islands around the world.


Submissions from 2007

Wini Smart, president of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, research, Cherie Galyean

With new families moving to Matinicus Island and the revival of its one-room sch, Steve Cartwright

Submissions from 2006

A colorful survey of Maine ferry companies, with details on the owners and capta, Steve Cartwright

Ambrose Hamilton and his wife, Deborah Soule Hamilton, settled on Chebeague Isla, Donna Miller Damon

A poem entitled "Community," in memory of islander Herb Ware, who died of his ca, Susan Deborah King

At Jonesport-Beals High School, the Local Fisheries Knowledge Project (LFKP) con, Nancy Griffin

Belonging to and running one of Maine's 18 lobster-buying co-operatives can prov, Bob Moore

Herb Parsons moved year-round to North Haven in 1983, and since then has filled, Keith Eaton

In the late 1920s, inventor Buckminster Fuller believed Maine islands would beco, Randy Purinton

Karen Jackson, who winters on Vinalhaven and summers on Greens Island, observes, Karen Roberts Jackson

Many Maine islands depend on the influx of young families in order to stay viabl, Cherie Galyean

More than 300 young men and women from Vinalhaven died in World War II. Their n, Harry Gratwick

Profile of painter Connie Hayes of Rockland, who has been called "a colorist on, Carl Little

Rachel Damon grew up on Chebeague Island. She attended Colby College in Watervi, Rachel Damon

The Island Institute has initiated a $20 million capital campaign to endow three

Theodora and Stephen McCormick of Swan Island met in 1945 in Hawaii, when he was, Sandra Dinsmore

The separateness of islands and islanders' reliance on ferry transportation impo, David Tyler

This past summer, Philip Conkling, president of the Island Institute, accompanie, Philip Conkling

Underwater photos of the Gulf of Maine taken from Bill Curtsinger's book, "Extre, Bill Curtsinger

With the post-Civil War introduction of the purse-seine, Maine's mackerel fisher, Ben Neal

Submissions from 2003

Carl Little writes about poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) and her connection to, Carl Little

Edgar Allen Beem discusses 10 contemporary Maine island artists whose work goes, Edgar Allen Beem

In 1995, Downeast fishing guides convinced the Legislature to block St. Croix al, Naomi Schalit

Members of the Passamaquoddy Tribe who were victims of a mid-1800s smallpox epid, Deborah DuBrule

Myron "Sonny" Sprague, who retired in 1993 after being a Swan's Island selectman, Bob Moore

North Haven artist John Wulp directed the play, "Islands," with its cast of Nort, Lisa Shields

Peregrine falcons were rare in Maine even before "anatum," a subspecies honed to, Susan Hand Shetterly

Stratton Island in Saco Bay is home to a cormorant colony, a much-maligned bird., Richard J. King

The CADET, an excursion vessel belonging to the Casco Bay Island Steamboat Co. o, David D. Platt

The enigmatic migration patterns of the giant bluefin tuna make it difficult for, Ben Neal

The lengths to which Hollywood goes to enhance the "reality" of Maine towns--eve, Nathan Michaud

The North Atlantic Oscillation (NOA) appears to determine the location and stren, David D. Platt, Conkling Philip and, and W

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" author Harriet Beecher Stowe had a life-long hobby of painti, Randy Purinton

Working Waterfront, a journal, began as a larger effort to set up a marine resou, David D. Platt

Submissions from 2002

Article by New York filmmaker Joe Goldman detailing the making of "The Fishermen, Joe Goldman

Article on the painter Gretchen Dow Simpson, who first visited Maine at the age, Carl Little

Article on the profession of ship piloting, with a focus on Jeff Cockburn of Sea, Naomi Schalit

Article on the Rockland-based DOUBLE EAGLE, a classic Maine herring carrier desi, Ben Neal

Article on the struggle to maintain Portland's working waterfront over the last, Joan Amory

At close to 300 feet from stem to stern, the CORA F. CRESSY was one of the large, Steve Cartwright

Description of a 1945 visit to Bartlett's Island, off Mount Desert, by photograp, Deanna Bonner-Ganter

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is becoming the standard for the, Chris Brehme

Profile of brothers Doug and Harry Odom, who have spent more than 70 years on Mo, Colin Woodard

Profile of Jean Symonds, who moved to Corea from Washington D.C. in 1970, and be, Muriel L. Hendrix

Profile of the late artist William Thon, of Port Clyde, whose sea paintings insp, Steve Cartwright

Profile of Zoe Lucas, a self-taught biologist who has lived for the past 30 year, Katie Vaux

Residents of Vinalhaven have an awareness and shared pride of the musical commun, Nathan Michaud

The Civil War correspondence between Wesley and Sabrina Brown of Islesboro detai, Randolph Purinton

Submissions from 1999

Dedication to Jamien Elise Morehouse, without whom there never could have been a

Sal and Jane, daughters of author-illustrator Robert McCloskey, were featured in, Steve Cartwright