Island Journal (1984-present) The Maine Island Institute's annual publication of island life has been its keynote publication since 1984, when the first issue arrived in members' mailboxes and was available for purchase. Since then, it has become perhaps the most valued benefit of Island Institute membership, with its stories, poetry, photographs and articles about the myriad facets of "islandness" found here inot only here in Maine but also on islands around the world.


Submissions from 2018

88, John Wulpe

Altered Realities: Jeffrey C. Becton

A Town of Superlatives: Cumberland County town has longest coastline in state, oldest population, Callie Ferguson and Michele Stapleton Photographer

Bucksport; Life After the Mill: The town at the top of Penobscot Bay searches for its new heart and soul, Jim Baumer and Linda Coan O'Kresik

Essay; The Sound of Silence: What does it mean to listen closely in a noisy world?, Scott Sell

Fiction: The Ledge, Lawrence Sargent Hall

From Sardines to Yachts, Belfast Transforms Waterfront: City government, Front Street Shipyard collaborated to create a thriving working waterfront with public access, Tom Groening

From the Helm; Numbers That Tell Stories About Our Communities

Grabbing the Digital Future: Islands explore ways to bring fast internet to boost economies, support health care and education and sustain population, Jennifer Van Allen

Great Lakes Islands Choose People-Focused Strategy, Abigail Curtis and Frank Solle Photographer

Luke Holden's "Trap to Table" Adventure: Luke's Lobster chain of restaurants is reinventing fishing business, Stephanie Bouchard

Maine Islands: Paintings from the Farnsworth collection

Men, Books, Food, and Drink, Phil Crossman and Sheri Romer-Day, photographer

More Than a Pile of Shells: A new understanding of Maine's shell middens, Catherine Schmitt and Catherine Schmitt Photographer

On the Water: Abe Goodale

Remember the Monarchs: Rachel Carson's Last Summer at Southport, Edgar Allen Beem and Michele Stapleton

Responding First, Fifteen Miles Out: Islanders want to do their neighborly duty, but time and regulations add to challenges, Gideon Davidson

The Collector of Islands: Their magical allure has carried the author through a lifetime, Melissa Waterman

The Laboratory By The Sea: Biological Lab's connection to nature informs its work, Carl Little and Linda Coan O'Kresik

Varnishing, David Shipler

Submissions from 2017

Along the American Archipelago, Signs Are Everywhere: Rising seas, warming waters impacting islands in Alaska, the Carolinas, the Chesapeake, Philip Conkling

Arctic Observations, Peter Ralston

Essay; Coldwater Coast, Jon Keller

Essay; Vision Shared: The Painter and the Lobsterman, Melissa Waterman and George Terrien Photographer

From the Helm; Connecting Our Communities More Vital Than Ever: Taking Initiative For Broadband Internet May Be the Way Forward, Rob Snyder

Halfway to Where Somebody's in Trouble: Cell phones proliferate, but radios are the go-to communication tool on islands, Stephanie Bouchard

How to Row Home, Ralph Stevens

Island Golf Courses: Rougher roughs, tidal hazards and gin and tonics, Selby Frame, Gabe Souza Photographer, and Seth Macy Photographer

Island Window, Judith Ponturo and Elena Jahn, illustrator

Is Maine Still Hurricane-Proof?: Cool waters neuter the worst storms, but a changing climate increases threat, Nancy Griffin

Making it Here; The Island Artist: Islesford potter Kaitlyn Duggan embraces both business and creativity, Tina Cohen

Making It Here; The Island Caretaker, Tom Groening and Tom Groening Photographer

Making It Here; The Island Educator, Kathy Westra

Making It Here; The Island Electrician, Courtney Naliboff and William Trevaskis

Making it Here; The Island Hotelier: Phil Crossman's Tidewater Motel represents the important tourism sector, Phil Crossman and William Trevaskis

Making It Here; The Island Lobster Marketer, Tom Groening and William Trevaskis

Making it Here; The Island Retailer: Swan's Island store owners reach beyond shelves to make profit, Laurie Schreiber and Laurie Schreiber Photographer

Making It Here; The Island Telecommuter, Jennifer Van Allen and Gabe Souza Photographer

Painting Islands: Uniting community with art, Howie Montenko

Smiles, Hugs, and Hospitality Anna Fernald is Islesford's Warm Heart, Scott Sell and Scott Sell Photographer

THE DIY Approach That Linked Isle Au Haut to the Grid: Cable has far outlived its life expectancy, thanks to Parket Waite's problem solving, Tom Groening

Very Superstitious: Maritime myths persist, and maybe for good reason, Scott Sell

Submissions from 2016

Acadia's Offshore Island: Isle au Haut Includes 18 Miles of National Park Trails, Abigail Curtis and Scott Sell, photographer

A Tale to Tell: Phippsburg's Eugene Atwood Faced Three Near-death Experiences on the Water, Eugene Atwood and Scott Sell, photographer

Babies on Board: Islands Celebrate Family Growth, Courtney Naliboff and William Trevaskis, photographer

Fiction. A Fluent Blue, Douglas W. Milliken and Cat Bayes, contributor

Fire & Ice: Iceland's Stark Beauty Found Outside Reykjavik on Ring Road, Jlynn Frazier and Jlynn Frazier, photographer

Folio. David Vickery: The Poetry of Place, Carl Little

Folio. Katie Johnson: Picturing Home, Katie Johnson

From the Helm. Leadership in the Age of Ambiguity: Maine Maritime Academy, College of the Atlantic, Island Institute Presidents Talk Elements of Leadership, Island Journal Staff writers and Eric Wayne, photographer