Island Journal (1984-present) The Maine Island Institute's annual publication of island life has been its keynote publication since 1984, when the first issue arrived in members' mailboxes and was available for purchase. Since then, it has become perhaps the most valued benefit of Island Institute membership, with its stories, poetry, photographs and articles about the myriad facets of "islandness" found here inot only here in Maine but also on islands around the world.


Submissions from 2016

Islands by the Numbers, Island Journal Staff writers and Alexis Iammarino, illustrator

Leading the Way. Aquaculture's Next Wave: Mussels, Oysters, and Kelp Emerging along Maine's Southern Coast, Nancy Griffin; Alexandra Daley-Clark, photographer; Mark Green, photographer; and Scott Sell, photographer

Leading the Way. Cornering the Island Fuel Market: Pete Pellerin Took on Fuel Delivery for Casco Bay Islands, and Consumers Won, Jennifer Van Allen and Gabe Souza, photographer

Leading the Way. Vinalhaven's Investment: Town Hired Manager with Scant Experience, and Has No Regrets, Tom Groening and Scott Sell, photographer

Not Aging, But Thriving in Place: Safe Housing, Health Care for Elderly Pose Challenges on Islands, Susan Q. Stranahan and Nancy Olney, photographer

One Deer, Two Islands: Hunting on Frenchboro Creates Logisitcal Obstacles Unlike Any on Mainland, Scott Sell and Scott Sell, photographer

Q&A--Ask an Islander. A Candid Conversation with Swan's Island's Candis Joyce: Island Life Imbues Sense of Community, Tom Groening and Miranda Battiste, photographer

Q&A--Ask an Islander. Twice to the Island for Islesboro Teacher Jon Bolduc: Raised on the Island, He Returned to Teach, Tom Groening and Tom Groening, photographer

Race Day In Casco Bay: Lobstermen Blow Off Steam--but Hopefully Not Their Engines--in Boat-racing Circuit, Tom Groening and Katie Johnson, photographer

The Highliner's Choice: Peter Kass Boats are the Rolls-Royce of the Lobster Fleet, Laurie Schreiber and Michael O'Neil, photographer

Trading Sardines for Lupines: Eastport's Rebirth May Portend a New Kind of Rejuvenation, Rob McCall; Leslie Bowman, photographer; and Tom Groening, photographer

Widow's Island: A Curious Tale of Quarantine and Convalescence; Yellow Fever, Mental Illness, and War Wounds Treated on Island Off North Haven, Carl Little and William Trevaskis, photographer

Submissions from 2015

An Oyster Story: The Source of that Slurpy, Salty Goodness is the ' Taste of Place', Catherine Schmitt

A Tidal Joy Ride: Boys Find a Surprising Third for their Vinalhaven Outing, Phil Crossman and Scott Nash, illustrator

Dialed Back in Time: The Carved and Polished Past on Maine's Beaches, Dana Wilde and Peter Ralston, photographer

Folio. Joel Woods, Fisherman/Photographer, Joel Woods

Folio. The Alluring and Enduring Maine Coast: Historic Images from the Penobscot Marine Museum, Lisa Mossel Vietze and Penobscot Marine Museum

From the Helm. Exchange Informs Local Action: From Thailand and Cambodia to Denmark and Alaska, Common Bonds Emerge, Rob Snyder and Scott Sell, photographer

IJ Centerpiece. Carving Out Funds for Island Affordable Housing, Tom Groening

IJ Centerpiece. Counting Empty Houses Come Winter: Affordable Housing Finds a Foothold on Maine's Islands, Annie Murphy

IJ Centerpiece. Islesboro 'Homecoming' Shows Range of Affordable Housing, Tom Groening

Island Fellows: A 'Peace Corps for the Islands': Fellows Reverse Maine 'Brain Drain!' Provide Extra Hands, Abigail Curtis

Making Salt Hay While the Sun Shines: North Haven Lamb, Once Prized on the Boston Market, Could be Again, Scott Sell

MBNA and the Midcoast Miracle: Ten Years Ago, the Credit-Card Lender was Bought by Bank of America, but its Legacy Remains, Tom Groening

North Haven, Alex Sanger. illustrator

Song of the Samsingers: How a Danish Island is Harmonizing Renewable Energy to Redefine its Future, Brooks Winner

Stonington: A Town on the Edge, Tom Groening

The Ballad of the Three Green Waves, Ruth Moore

The Legacy of Ireland's Great Basket Island: A Community Unraveled, Kathleen Walsh Buchanan

The Summer of '43, When Quakers Landed on Vinalhaven: While World War II Raged, Urban Teens Visited Vinalhaven to Work, Harry Gratwick

World War II Left a Big Footprint on Casco Bay Islands, Edgar Allen Beem and Scott Sell, photographer

Submissions from 2014

"A fortunate island", Carl Little

Alaska's silvery gold rush, Rob Snyder

A North Haven gift - June Hopkins, Tom Groening

A rock revived: Newfoundland's Fogo Island, Nancy Griffin

Burial at sea, Bemjamin Stevens

Fiction. The Neighbor, Tove Jansson

From the helm, Rob Snyder and Alice Bissell, photographer

Islesboro School's island magnetism, Abigail Curtis and Peter Ralston, photographer

Man overboard, Sophie Cabot Black

Reading Moby Dick at 30,000 feet, Tony Hoaglund

The art of perpetual motion, Jason Mann

The Island Dump : an elegy. What we do with our trash speaks volumes, Phil Crossman and Chris Clarke, illustrator

The island mechanic, Anna Maine and Gabe Souza, photographer

The Passamaquoddy alternative, Paul Molyneaux and Leslie Bowman, photographer

The unfailing muse Monhegan, Carl Little

The Winter game, Tom Groening and Scott Sell, photographer

The year steel and cable changed Deer Isle, Harry Gratwick

Unfinished island, Christina Marsden Gillis and Peter Ralston, photographer

What Scotland's islands taught me, Yvonne Thomas