Submissions from 2007

Alumni interviews with Caitie Whalen, Kyle Glover, Kat Baulu, David Y. Lee, and

Brian and Diane Howe live in Boothbay Harbor with their two children, Josh, 16,, Kim Alexander

Alison Reid, 39, Josh Potocki, 31, and Guy Hernandez own One Fifty Ate Cafe, fam, Leah Bruns and Gabriel Caffrey

Karen Montanaro, born Karen Hurll, describes the epiphany she had at age 12 when, Hannah Fox

Rick, 42, and Barbara, 31, Spiegel live in Scarborough with their 13-month-old d, Posey Gruener and Nayan Tara Kakshapati

Doug Taylor of Lewiston became a Pentecostal after alcohol and crime nearly ende, Bridget Huber and Amber Knowles

Pat LaMarche of Yarmouth ran as the Green Party candidate for vice president in, Beatrice Marovich and Elizabeth Massa

Mary Going and Martha Rynberg of Portland are bringing up their adopted daughter, Elizabeth Massa

Scott Hatch, owner of the Barn Wright, Inc., and his apprentices, Dave Rose and, Douglas W. Milliken and Gabriel Caffrey

Lincoln Sennett, a former chemical engineer, bought Swan's Honey from founder Ha, Erin Post and Kelly Kilgallon

Jay Jack and Amanda Buckner of Poland co-own the Academy of Mixed Martial Arts i, Annie Reichert

Doris, 87, and George, 91, Castonia have been married 63 years and live independ, Christine Shanahan

A day in the life of lobsterman Bob Quinn, who lives on Eagle Island with his wi, Rebecca Stewart

Nathaniel S. Wilson owns a sail loft in East Boothbay. Although his apprentices, Amanda Witherell and Michael Teuteberg

Submissions from 2006

Excerpts from Salt Radio, including pieces on: women wrestlers, by Shea Shakelfo

Storyteller Roland Watier, 59, of Union, is an elder in a Council of Men that me, John Affleck

Sam Cook, a bowhunter, doesn't own a phone and usually sleeps in his truck. He, Caitlin Van Dusen

Tim Barry, the single father of two boys, spends six days a week during bear hun, Katie Hayes

The Portland Rugby Club was invincible in the 1980s and had a membership of over, Chris Joob

Rebecca Goodale wrote illustrated books as a child, and as an adult creates and, Rena Kaneko

"From the Archive" piece on the Kappa Sig fraternity at Bowdoin College in Bruns, Chris Kendig

The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley is part of a campus called Orgonon where Re, Andrea Maio

In 2002, John Eder became the Green Party's only state legislator in country. H, Ann Phillips

Anna Cyr, 26, and her sister-in-law, Tonya Cyr, 31, are married to brothers Jaso, Whit Richardson

An interview with Bill Curtsinger, a "National Geographic" photographer who last, Magazine Salt

Linda Ash, whose trailer was condemned because it lacked running water, spends t, Talia Weiner

Stephanie Marie Hammond, 8, and her sister, Brooke Ann, 11, together have won 17, Jennifer Whitney

Cathy Hardy, 16, has two sons--James, who is two, and Nicky, who is 18 months yo, Allison Wightman

Submissions from 2005

In a "Salt Radio" piece, an "Elvis cop" describes his distain for bad Elvis impe, Adam Allington

In a "Salt Radio" piece, Juan talks about how he and his wife make $500 a week d, Zac Barr

All of the inmates at the low-security Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren ar, Christina Cooke

Steve White took over management of the Brooklin Boatyard from his father, the l, Emily Funkhouser

Tollef Olson, 48, of South Portland, and his business partner, Craig Tanner, 46,, Susan Gaidos

Bonnie Dermody of Portland, a recovering heroin addict, has been on methadone fo, Tim Greenway

Engineer Karl Smith of New Hampshire and Conductor Rory O'Connor of Old Orchard, Brendan Hughes

In a "Salt Radio" piece, a man working on a wool yarn machine describes his fond, Rupa Marya

Article about life in the Kaler-Vaill home for elderly women, which opened in Sc, Ellington Miller

A photo essay on Dr. Philip Thompson Jr., 85, a Portland native with a passion f, Molly Myers

After divorcing an alcoholic husband, Diane married recovering alcoholic Vance C, Linda Peelle

In a "Salt Radio" piece, a woman describes doing the tango with her partner. Th, Evan Roberts

An interview with David Isay, executive producer and founder of "Sound Portraits, Magazine Salt

A photo essay on a family-run slaughterhouse, West Gardiner Beef. Todd Pierce t, Liza B. Sempler

"From the Archives" piece on the Sanctuary Tattoo parlor in Portland, a space sh, Kait Stokes

A photo essay on the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on 133 Pleasant Street i, Annie Tselikis

Photo essay on Raymond Strout, a carpenter and blood wormer, who lives on his Si, Holly Wilmeth

Submissions from 2004

An alphabetical list of Salt Institute alumni from 1973 to 2003.

Fourteen years ago, Salt photographer Pam Berry's subject, Monica Mann, was preg, Pam Berry and Jenifer Dean

A photo essay on Mary Merithew, 42, who is in hospice care and determined to liv, Leslie Brooks

An article on the Maine Time Dollar Network, where members trade services, not b, Stephanie Congdon

Topsham's Flying Changes Center for Therapeutic Riding gives children skills and, Melissa Dalton

A photo essay on the Somali community in Lewiston, which has become a city of ch, Erin Dowding

Frank Bowie, 79, is the last dairy farmer in Durham, and has six milking cows., Katharine Freeman

Fifty eight years after World War II, Jim O'Grady, 77, still has nightmares. He, Melissa L. Hale

Stanley Frautten, 58, is the owner and operator of T-Bob's Taxi, the only cab se, Carrie Kilman

A photo essay on James "Jimmy" Benner, 16, whose one strong constant in life is, Leslie MacVane

A look at deaf culture through the eyes of Hilary Whitmore, a self-confident and, Lauren McSherry

Cong Ba Nguyen, a Vietnamese-African-American refugee, and Mira Cua, a Guatemala, Lisa Merlini

A photo essay on Nancy "Nanney" Kennedy, who lives with two sons, Ben and Amos,, Drew Oberholtzer

Submissions from 2002

Profile of Cynthia Collins, 49, of Wells who is a practicing witch in the Wicca, Heather Barnes

A photo essay on former United Nations worker, Michael Ogustino, and his family,, Kyle Glover

A photo essay on Mary Ann Cupero, a truck driver and a truck-repair teacher., Megan E. Hanson

A photo essay on boxer Liz Leddy, a formerly addicted and homeless woman who cre, Christine D. Heinz

A photo essay on the University of Southern Maine's Royal Drag Show. Kevin Head, Joanna Johnson

The three-year-old Odd Fellows Theatre in Buckfield, housed in an old Odd Fellow, Eric Larson

Article about Maine's only Cambodian Buddhist temple, Wat Samaki, is in Portland, Krista Mahr

An article on the Peabody House in Portland, started by Portland philanthropist, Jessi Misslin

An article on Marcy's Breakfast and Lunch, a rickety wood-paneled room on the co, Thea Okonak

Chesuncook is surrounded by tens of thousands of square miles of privately owned, Adrienne Schatz

Shaw's Boarding House in Monson is a 30-year-old landmark on the Appalachian Tra, Sally Schumaier

A photo essay on large animal veterinarian Dr. Tom Judd, who specializes in equi, Katie Terrill

Submissions from 2001

Fleeing their war-torn country, Somalis come to Portland in search of peace, sta, Lacey Andrews

A photo essay on Burnham and Morrill (B & M) Beans, which was founded in 1867 in, Heather Coleman

An article on bush pilots in Maine's North Woods. (Dick) Folsom's in Greenville, G M. Eckel IV

The John J. Nissen Baking Company, which was on Portland's Munjoy Hill for decad, Lisa Ferrugia

Marie St. George, an animal rehabilitator who wants to halt the loss of wild hab, Rebecca Goldfine

A photo essay on a domestic violence shelter and some of the women who have foun, Kate Lapides

A photo essay on 24-year-old Adam Murphy of Wells, who was a fine arts student i, David Lee

Two religious leaders in Portland are part of a growing community of women who b, Melissa Leighty

An article on John Martovich, a piano technician at Portland Piano Exchange and, Georgia Smith

Ballard House in Portland is Maine's only freestanding birth center. The birth, Kait Stokes

Four idiosyncratic collectors share a connection to Maine: Nancy 3. Hoffman runs, Jamison York

Submissions from 2000

An article on the crew of nine men who work in an engine house inspecting and se, Jennifer Acker

The Damariscotta River draws retirees, lobstermen, and others to the picturesque, Jennifer L. Brockway

Harmony Hall, on Route 115 between Gray and North Yarmouth, is a bottle club own, Elyssa Cleo East

A poetic description of the deep loved shared by Anna and Jeff Jellis of Bath an, Aracelis Girmay

A photo essay on Muslim women in Portland and how they are maintaining their rel, Shaleece Haas

Jackman is a busy hub for snowmobiling, and thousands descend on the small town, Philip C. Mazzone

Portland's Bosnian community is growing, with more refugees fleeing the war in S, Laurie McDonnell

A photographic essay on the hip-hop DJs and the dancers they play for at The Ind, Anne-Marie McReynolds

Elizabeth Shanes, 84, is a member of Portland's Perennial Effects dance group, d, Sarah J. Merrill

Making brown ash baskets was once the livelihood of Maine's Indians. An axe tha, Sally Steindorf

Approximately one-third of Maine businesses are owned by women. With a look at, Kaitlin Thomas

A photo essay on several Maine bridal shops and on brides-to-be who are selectin, Cate Tynan

A photographic essay on intercultural families in southern Maine, demonstrating, Vasna Wilson

Submissions from 1997

The Portland Boxing Club is the focus of a resurgence of amateur boxing in Portl, Ethan Anderson

An article on Elvis impersonators, William "Elvis" Bishop, Rebecca Dunnells, and, Jennifer Andrews

A photographic essay on the crew of 200 people who work around the clock on the, Judy Bennett

Reiche School, in Portland's West End, is Maine's most culturally diverse elemen, Jennifer Fayocavitz

A look at the life of Myrtle Lowell, 84, of Thomaston, who lives alone in an old, Alyssa Grossman

The author joins Lendall Alexander Jr. on a groundfishing trip aboard the "Julie, Paul Harrison