Amjambo Africa! began publication in April 2018 as a monthly newspaper for and about New Mainers from Sub-Saharan Africa. Initially, stories were written in four languages that many immigrants spoke: Swahili,French, Kinyarwanda, and English. By 2022, stories were also presented in Somali, Spanish, and Portuguese.

"Amjambo Africa! is here to help New Mainers thrive and to help Maine welcome and benefit from our new neighbors.
Amjambo Africa! serves as a conduit of information for newcomers as they navigate life in Maine.
Amjambo Africa! includes background articles about Africa so those from Maine can understand why newcomers have arrived here.
Amjambo Africa! profiles successful New Mainers from Africa in order to give hope to those newly arrived as well as make clear benefits to our state of welcoming newcomers.
Amjambo Africa! shares on the ground news updates from contributors living in Africa now."


Submissions from 2023

A True Joy in the Making: Ashley Bryan & Paula Wilson, Brian Boyd

What If We Are the Seeds? Immersive Exhibit Charts African Diaspora's Cultural Heritage, Brian Boyd

Responding to Hate Crime in Maine, Molly Fox

Peer Workforce Navigators Aid Job Seekers, Jean D. Hakuzimana

Portland City Council Increases Representation, Passes DEIJ Resolution, Jean D. Hakuzimana

Speaker Talbot Ross Discusses Big Issues: An Interview with Jean D. Hakuzimana, Jean D. Hakuzimana

Housing Crisis Pushes Newcomers Beyond Metropolitan Areas, Stephanie Harp

'Maine's Black Future' Fights Racism and Erasure, Stephanie Harp

Music, Similar Experiences Connect Hip-Hop Artist with Audiences, Stephanie Harp

Permanent Commission Seeks to End Systemic Injustices, Stephanie Harp

Phuc Tran: Author, Teacher, Tattoo Artist, Stephanie Harp

Expectant Mothers Need Care They Trust, Amy Harris

Lead Poisoning Is Serious Childhood Problem, Amy Harris

Proverbs Help Destigmatize Mental Health Treatment, Amy Harris

New Arrivals Need Shelter, Kathreen Harrison and Jean D. Hakuzimana

Support Needed for Master Calendar Hearings, Kathreen Harrison and Jean D. Hakuzimana

Meet Angelina, Angeline Klouthis

Amazonian Cuisine Proves Popular in Cape Elizabeth, Lillian Lema

Jazz Stars Mrubata, Wittner to Perform at Portland Conservatory of Music, Jean Noel Mugabo

Pigeon's Mainer Project Adorns Lewiston Museum, Jean Noel Mugabo

Photography and Immigrants, Mouhamedoul Niang

Food, Social Justice Cornerstones of Lewiston-Auburn Community Market, Bonnie Rukin

Somali Bantu Community Association, Bonnie Rukin

Somali Bantu Community Association Looks Back at 2022, Bonnie Rukin and Sahro Hassan

Legislation Impacts Daily Life, Rebecca Scarborough

Legislative Update, Rebecca Scarborough

Bakhita Saabino Elected Leader of South Sudanese Community of Maine, Amjambo staff

Common Threads of Maine Graduates 2022 Cohort, Amjambo staff

Entrepreneurial Women Share Tips, Amjambo staff

Legislative Efforts Push Shorter Asylum-Seeker Work Waiting Period, Amjambo staff

Portland Empowered, Amjambo staff

[Updates from Community Organizations], Amjambo staff writers

Fulfilling Potential: A Path Forward For Foreign-Trained Physicians in Maine, Sally Sutton

Submissions from 2022

An Interview with Dr. Abdullahi Ahmed, Principal at Portland's Deering High School, Ulya Aligulova

Civic and Community Engagement Fellowship Supports Young Adults, Ulya Aligulova

Creativity and Hard Work Needed to Ease Maine's Affordable Housing Crisis, Ulya Aligulova

Healthcare Access can be Difficult for Immigrants, Ulya Aligulova

Legislative Update, Ulya Aligulova

Legislative Update: Update from Augusta, Ulya Aligulova

World Refugee Day is June 20, Ulya Aligulova

Community News, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Introducing Mayor Deqa Dhalac of South Portland, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Tanya Crane is the visiting artist in residence at Indigo Arts Alliance for the month of April., Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Novruz Celebration, Amjambo Africa! staff writers and John Ochira [photos]

Moonglade: Books as Mirrors, Jen Boggs

Haitian Revolution Evoked in Jacob Lawrence Exhibit, Brian Boyd

Upcoming Grant Opportunities for Maine's Nonprofits from Maine Community Foundation: The BIPOC Fund and the Community Building Grant Program, Karen Cadbury

Beautiful Blackbird Children's Book Festival Tells Black Children They Are Loved, Kirsten Cappy

Despite Challenging Year, Asian Community Looks Forward to ‘Year of the Tiger’, Marpheen Chann

Moonglade Commentary: Be Mindful of Messages in Midterm Elections, Marpheen Chann

Moonglade: Mainers of Color Love the Outdoors, Fear 'From Away' Attitudes, Marpheen Chann

Moonglade: On What the Fourth of July Means to Asian Americans, Marpheen Chann

Remembering the Cambodian Genocide, Marpheen Chann

A Cross-Racial Conversation, Ally Cooper

Communal Trauma and Healing in Immigrant Communities, Ally Cooper

Maine Bookkeeper Inspired by Bulgarian Childhood, Ally Cooper

Superintendent Xavier Botana: On Achieving Equity in Education, Ally Cooper

Beyond the Catch: Portraits of New Mainers in the Lobstering Industry, Quietly Key to Processing and Exports, Anna M. Drzewiecki

Portland Grocery, Restaurant Owners Report Business Good, but Could be Better, Anna M. Drzewiecki

Teacher Holds "Fufu Friday" at Portland's King Middle School, Anna M. Drzewiecki

Brunswick Opens Welcome Center, Anna M. Drzewiecki and Kathreen Harrison

A Race for Rights and Representation: District 95, Ivy Epstein

Paving a Path Toward Homeownership in Maine, Ivy Epstein

Social Service Providers are Very Tired, Ivy Epstein

A French Renaissance in Maine, Nathalie Gorey

Tips and Info: Maine Stimulus Checks: Maine's $850 COVID Relief Checks Explained, Sue Hamlett

The Samosa Story, Leaticia Hannah

African-Born Radio Host to Pilot "Amjambo Time", Stephanie Harp

Asylum Application Resource Center: Partners Make a Real Difference, Stephanie Harp

Black History is Focus of Gem City Founder's New Podcast, Stephanie Harp

Lewiston's New DEI Director Has Ambitious Goals for the City, Stephanie Harp

Mana Abdi of Lewiston Seeks Maine House Seat, Stephanie Harp

Nigerians Celebrate Community, Maine at Gathering, Stephanie Harp

U.S. Professional Licensure is Daunting, but Doable, Stephanie Harp

Young Writer Balances Interests, Commentary, Stephanie Harp

COVID-19 is Not Over Yet, Amy Harris

Health and Wellness: Lead Poisoning is Serious but Preventable, Amy Harris

Health Risks of Loneliness Can Be Reduced, Amy Harris

Interview with Maine CDC Director Nirav Shah, Amy Harris

Afghan Resettlement in Maine, Kathreen Harrison

Asylum Seekers Face Hard Winter in Motels, Kathreen Harrison

Relatives of Mainers in Harm's Way in Afghanistan, Kathreen Harrison

Safiya Khalid Looks to the Future and Reflects on the Past, Kathreen Harrison

Moonglade: Motherland: Sooji, Sakar, Badam, Ghee, Tanuja Desai Hidier

Graduate Spotlight '22: Prudent Ndihokubwayo, Michael Kmack

Amjambo Arts: Artist-in-Residence at Indigo Arts Alliance Connects with History, Lillian Lema

Fast Food with a Homey Feel, Lillian Lema

Lily's Food Cart is One-Woman Show, Lillian Lema

Professional Satisfaction Brings Personal Rewards, Lillian Lema

Solo Cucina Welcomes Community, Lillian Lema

Third Place Looks to Solidify Maine's BIPOC Professional Network, Lillian Lema

World Market Basket: Flores Uptown Offers Latin Style on Congress Street, Lillian Lema

New Voices: Am I African or Black?, Baba Ly

Artist Spotlight: Jenny Ibsen, Coco McCracken

Moonglade, Coco McCracken

CANMP: Hope in Augusta, Kholiswa Mendes Pepani

Portland is Rwandan Singer Clarisse Karasira's New Home, Jean Noel Mugabe

Cultural Rise and Shine Features Performance from Guinea Bissau, Jean Noel Mugabo

Gujarati Culture in Deering Oaks Park, Jean Noel Mugabo

Kombilesa Mi Thrills Music Lovers, Jean Noel Mugabo