Amjambo Africa! began publication in April 2018 as a monthly newspaper for and about New Mainers from Sub-Saharan Africa. Initially, stories were written in four languages that many immigrants spoke: Swahili,French, Kinyarwanda, and English. By 2022, stories were also presented in Somali, Spanish, and Portuguese.

"Amjambo Africa! is here to help New Mainers thrive and to help Maine welcome and benefit from our new neighbors.
Amjambo Africa! serves as a conduit of information for newcomers as they navigate life in Maine.
Amjambo Africa! includes background articles about Africa so those from Maine can understand why newcomers have arrived here.
Amjambo Africa! profiles successful New Mainers from Africa in order to give hope to those newly arrived as well as make clear benefits to our state of welcoming newcomers.
Amjambo Africa! shares on the ground news updates from contributors living in Africa now."


Submissions from 2024

Maine Immigrant Greens Collaborative

Being a Community Health Worker in Maine, Katie Corder

Bank of America Student Leader Adelina Salianga, Raymond P. Diamond

From Zambia to Portland with Samuel Mulunda, Raymond P. Diamond

Maine Needs Helps Mainers, Raymond P. Diamond

The Gaza Monologues, Raymond P. Diamond

What If There Were No More Good Coffee?, Raymond P. Diamond

Chez Eux Dans Le Maine / At Home In Maine, Jean Hakuzimana

Enthusiastic Participants of the In Her Presence Swimming Program, Amy Harris

Out-of-School Learning Gives Kids a Leg Up, Amy Harris

What Do Maine Immigrant Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Cooperatives?, Kathreen Harrison, Jean Hakuzimana, and Germain Mucyo

A Flavorful Intersection of Taste and Language, Magdaline Mbong

A Jamaican-Congolese Wedding in Maine, Magdaline Mbong

Born in DRC, Raised in Angola, Ricardo Antonio Aims Big, Germain Mucyo

Thirty Years On, Genocide Survivors Share Stories at Bates, Germain Mucyo

QWANQWA Brings Experimental, Ethiopian-Style Music to Portland, Jean Noel Mugabo

Afrotaste Hosts Nigeria Night, Ernest Ndayisaba

Appropriations Committee Budget Proposals Address Housing, Poverty, Education, and More, Andy O'Brien

Committee Considers Bill to Provide More Financial Assistance For Medical Care, Andy O'Brien

Eye on Augusta: Maine Legislature To Take Up Bills Supporting BIPOC Community, Andy O'Brien

Legislature to Consider Gun Regulations, Andy O'Brien

Maine Considers Creation of Civil Rights Unit to Investigate Hate Crimes, Andy O'Brien

Maine House Votes to Strengthen African American and Wabanaki Studies in Schools, Andy O'Brien

Mills Releases Plan to Create Office of New Americans, Andy O'Brien

Clothing Closet at State Street Church, Dhananji Rathnayake

Human Trafficking in Maine, Dhananji Rathnayake

Lyman Moore Hosts Naturalization Ceremony, Dhananji Rathnayake

Remembering Panorama Melian, Dhananji Rathnayake

Sankofa: Indigo Arts Alliance, Dhananji Rathnayake

Farmers Look Forward and Back with Eye to 2024 Season, Bonnie Rukin

Namibian Filmmaker Brings "Nuh-Mi-Bee-Uhn: Germany's Forgotten Genocide" to Maine, Andrew Schindel

Lado Ladoka: In Memoriam, Amjambo staff writers

Submissions from 2023

Access to Justice, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Caution! Frauds and Scams: Frauds and Scams are Similar, but Different, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Caution: Frauds and Scams!: How to Recognize a Scam Before it Happens, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Expo Emergency Shelter, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Gulf of Maine Seafood Guides, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Soccer Saturday 2023, Amjambo Africa! staff writers

"The Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center...", Amjambo Africa! staff writers

Art in the Wake: Reckoning and Re-Remembering Symposium, Amjambo Africa! staff writers and Mark Mattos [photos]

Juneteenth Events Around Maine, Amjambo Africa! staff writers and Mark Mattos [photos]

MIRC's First Immigration Forum, Amjambo Africa! staff writers and Mark Mattos [photos]

Out & About with Hope Acts, Amjambo Africa! staff writers and Mark Mattos [photos]

A True Joy in the Making: Ashley Bryan & Paula Wilson, Brian Boyd

What If We Are the Seeds? Immersive Exhibit Charts African Diaspora's Cultural Heritage, Brian Boyd

Bowdoin Graduate Aims To Give Back To Community, Raymond Diamond

Opinion: Our Nation's Doorsteps, Mary Dunn

Caution! Frauds and Scams: Be Cautious About Housing Scams in Maine's Difficult Housing Market, Oriana Farnham

Responding to Hate Crime in Maine, Molly Fox

The Plastic Problem, Steve Genovese

Maine Must Make Fascist Groups Unwelcome Here, Jean Hakuzimana

Peer Workforce Navigators Aid Job Seekers, Jean D. Hakuzimana

Portland City Council Increases Representation, Passes DEIJ Resolution, Jean D. Hakuzimana

Speaker Talbot Ross Discusses Big Issues: An Interview with Jean D. Hakuzimana, Jean D. Hakuzimana

Housing Crisis Pushes Newcomers Beyond Metropolitan Areas, Stephanie Harp

'Maine's Black Future' Fights Racism and Erasure, Stephanie Harp

Music, Similar Experiences Connect Hip-Hop Artist with Audiences, Stephanie Harp

Permanent Commission's Ariel Ricci, Stephanie Harp

Permanent Commission Seeks to End Systemic Injustices, Stephanie Harp

Phuc Tran: Author, Teacher, Tattoo Artist, Stephanie Harp

Juneteenth is Celebrated, Remembered, Stephanie Harp and Mark Mattos [photos]

Breastmilk is Nature's Wonder Food, Amy Harris

Expectant Mothers Need Care They Trust, Amy Harris

For a Maine Without Hate, Bystanders Must Play Active Role, Amy Harris

Health and Wellness: Living Safely in Maine Homes, Amy Harris

Lead Poisoning Is Serious Childhood Problem, Amy Harris

Proverbs Help Destigmatize Mental Health Treatment, Amy Harris

Bakundwa: Rwandan Singer Brings Beloved Music to Maine, Kathreen Harrison

Two Years Later: The Story of an Afghan Family in Maine, Kathreen Harrison

New Arrivals Need Shelter, Kathreen Harrison and Jean D. Hakuzimana

Support Needed for Master Calendar Hearings, Kathreen Harrison and Jean D. Hakuzimana

Center Helps Migrant Workers, Angelina Klouthis

Meet Angelina, Angeline Klouthis

Amazonian Cuisine Proves Popular in Cape Elizabeth, Lillian Lema

Making Music Happen: DJ Onax, Lillian Lema

Nigerian Street Food Available in Portland, Lillian Lema

For the Love of Coffee and Community, Lillian Lema and Mark Mattos [photos]

Education: Summer, Georges Budagu Makoko

The Pain of Injustice and Discrimination, Georges Budagu Makoko

Unchecked Genocide in DR Congo, Mark Mattos, photographer

Portland Adult Ed Graduation, Mark Mattos [photos]

Jazz Stars Mrubata, Wittner to Perform at Portland Conservatory of Music, Jean Noel Mugabo

Julia Hazel: Pioneering Education, Advocacy for Maine's Black Education Professionals, Jean Noel Mugabo

Pigeon's Mainer Project Adorns Lewiston Museum, Jean Noel Mugabo

Beautiful Hair: Lewiston Book Launch with Edna Denize de Carvalho Sebastiao, Ernest Ndayisaba

Djiboutian Independence Day Celebrated in Lewiston, Ernest Ndayisaba

Photography and Immigrants, Mouhamedoul Niang

Maine Immigration: A History: The Black Vote in Portland, Andy O'Brien

Maine Immigration: A History: When Black Mainers Joined the National Black Freedom Movement, Andy O'Brien

Classical Indian Dance Performed at Mayo Street Arts, Dhananji Rathnayake

Friends of MANA Mingle on 10th Anniversary, Dhananji Rathnayake

Indian and Bangladeshi Food Served with Himalayan Twist, Dhananji Rathnayake

Farmers Markets, Bonnie Rukin

Food, Social Justice Cornerstones of Lewiston-Auburn Community Market, Bonnie Rukin

News from Liberation Farms and SBCA - Early Summer 2023, Bonnie Rukin

Somali Bantu Community Association, Bonnie Rukin

Somali Bantu Community Association Looks Back at 2022, Bonnie Rukin and Sahro Hassan

Legislation Impacts Daily Life, Rebecca Scarborough

Legislative Update, Rebecca Scarborough

Maine's 131st Legislative Session Adjourns, Rebecca Scarborough